All Junk, No Space: When Your Garage Needs Spring Cleaning

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Garages are not just spaces for cars. They are utility areas that accommodate lots of things and activities. For many houses, garages double as storage spaces. This is where homeowners keep the items that do not have a place in the main house. Some turn their garage into a workshop, doing their carpentry projects here. Most of the time, though, the garage ends up as a dump space for the family.

Maybe you are telling yourself that your garage is still in order — that it can accommodate even more things. But if you keep denying the fact that your garage now has some space issues, you are just making the problem worse. Now is the time to reclaim your garage from clutter and dirt. Thankfully, there are signs that will tell you that your garage is already in need of desperate help from a spring cleaning service in Syracuse.

You park your car on the road

One telltale sign that your garage has gone problematic as far as space is concerned is that your car is always parked outside. This should not be the case, as cars are likely to get damaged when they are exposed to different external elements. Your vehicle's value will easily deteriorate. You must make it a point to park your car inside your garage. But for that to happen, you need to get rid of clutter first.

You smell something funky

It might have happened to you already. You walk into your garage to look for something, and then a weird or smelly odor catches you off-guard. The pile of junk that you left in the same place for a long time may be producing that smell. Who knows, there could be rotten food or a dead animal somewhere within the clutter. The deteriorating metal components may also produce a bad smell.

You see pests starting to thrive

When there are lots of things in your garage, humidity tends to rise, thus increasing moisture too. A moist environment is then favorable for pests, such as insects and molds. If you see lots of these in your garage, that should tell you that your space is already dirty.

You find it hard to find things

Garage cornerThis is probably the most usual problem caused by a cluttered garage. When your cabinets and shelves are filled with junk, you will most likely have trouble looking for something that you need. Rummaging through piles of things can be time-consuming and stressful! And if you are reaching for something above your head, it could get dangerous.

Your garage may not be just a parking space for your car. It is a place that can hold a wide variety of items that can no longer fit in the house. It is a utility area where you can work on your DIY projects. However, that does not mean that your garage should stay cluttered. It is your obligation to keep it clean and functional at all times. Negligence will just lead to more serious issues, such as the proliferation of pests and ending up with damaged items.

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