8 DIY Backyard Playground Ideas to Keep Your Kids Happy This Summer

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One of the best things that children look forward to during the summer is more time for outdoor play. Imagine spending long afternoons having lots of fun in the sun. It sure brings good old childhood memories just thinking about it.

While it’s always a blast to go to the park for some outdoor playtime, parents don’t always have the time to take their kids to the community playground. Instead of letting your kids miss out on the fun times, why don’t you bring the park to your home instead?

We have prepared a few DIY backyard playground project ideas you can do for and with your kids this summer. You just need the right wood and concrete construction tools, hardware, and some supplies and you’re pretty much set.

8 Backyard Playground Project Ideas for the Summer

1. Wall Climbing

If you have kids who believe they are SpiderMan and just absolutely love to climb up walls and furniture, then they are going to go crazy with this project. It’s a fun activity that both you and your children can do. Plus, it’s also good exercise so it’s worth getting in on the fun as well. Just make sure you have safety measures put in place to avoid accidents.

2. Kiddie Playhouse/Treehouse

A playhouse or treehouse is a sure hit in any playground. Kids can use it as their clubhouse or their hideout. They can also use this as a place to hang out in, do their homework in, or just with their toys in. These may be a bit more complex to work on, but once it’s finished and you see the big smiles on your children’s faces, all the hard work is worth it. You can use repurposed material to lessen the costs. Just as long as they are still sturdy.

3. Sandbox

girl playing in the playgroundThis one’s pretty easy to work on. You can build it from scratch with some pieces of reclaimed wood or you can convert one of your bookshelves into one.

4. Hopscotch Stepping Stones

Hopscotch is one of those childhood games that never gets old and is easy to learn. Just take a few inexpensive concrete pavers and paint them in bright colors. Put numbers on them and set them on the ground. Adults are sure to have just as much fun with this as children.

5. Inground Trampoline

This DIY trampoline is safe for smaller children to use since this will be built into the ground.

6. Kiddie Balance Beam

This DIY junior balance beam is ideal for developmental play, as it can help your child get their balance and orientation. You just need a few 2x4s and 4x4s to build this and you’re good to go.

7. Backyard Water Slide

Occasional trips to the water park are fun for the entire family. However, some of the downside to this is it costs plenty of money and some waterparks are not friendly for kids of all ages. Bring the waterpark to your backyard instead.

8. Zipline

Ziplines are always fun. Building one in your backyard will guarantee that you’re the coolest parent on the block. Just make sure it is built well and safe even for little ones.

There are a lot more DIY project ideas out there if you just know where to look. The important thing is you give your kids plenty of outdoor fun time that will keep them entertained all summer long.

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