5 Ways to Clean Your Stamps

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Stamp on stacked passportsWhether you use stamps once in a while or are a regular user, cleaning stamps is quite essential. It gets your stamps ready for the next project and also ensures that there is no buildup to inhibit the inefficiency of your stamps. If not cleaned, it could lead to color contamination, which may happen when you least expect it. As a result, you will have ruined crafts. To avoid these mishaps, follow these procedures for cleaning stamps:

1. Fresh Ink

Ink builds up quickly once you use it on stamps, which could interfere with your stamping techniques. To keep the stamps in good condition and ensure that they do not inhibit you from working on your project properly, clean your stamp set as soon as you are done using it.

2. Soapy Water

Get a bowl and fill it with warm soapy water. Hold the stamp in a way that allows you to wet the rubber part and use a piece of clean cloth to wash off ink. Where dipping the stamp is not appropriate, soak the cloth in the cleaning solution and use it to clean the stamp. If there is still some left adhering on its surface, use a toothbrush to scrub it off. When using a rubber stamp mounted on wooden blocks, this method is not recommended as it can loosen the adhesive.

3. Wipes

Person in gloves using wipesThese come in handy in about every cleaning job and can be quite instrumental when using stamps. Travel wipes, baby wipes, or cleaning wipes will do the job, especially when you are working on your crafts on the go or when you need to use the same stamp with different colors. They work fast and are safe for all stamps, but you should pick varieties without alcohol and aloe vera. Simply swipe the wipes on the surface until you achieve the desired result. If you want to continue using the stamp, press it on paper towels to dry.

4. Dried Ink

Like indicated earlier, it is best to wash the stamps when you are done with them. However, in case you forget, and the ink dries up, hold them under hot running water while rubbing and shaking them. You can also use a commercial stamp cleaner to clean your stamp set.

Please note that ink stains do not interfere with the usability of a stamp, and you are likely to see them when using permanent inks. As long as they don’t affect the interpretation of the images, they should not bother you.

5. Dirt Buildup

One way of caring for your stamps is through maintenance cleaning. If stored for long without use, the stamps will gather dust and lint. Since these elements will absorb ink during use, they can distort the images. Always clean up before use and after a long time of storage. Lay a piece of tape with its sticky side up and press the stamp on it to take off dust particles, hair, and lint.

When cleaning your stamps, consider the color you use, type of stamp you are dealing with, and what you want to eliminate. Cleaning them after use keeps them ready for your next undertaking and also ensures that they remain in good condition. Take care of your crafting tools for good results and longevity.

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