5 Reasons to Have a Root Canal Done

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Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the soft tissue inside your root canal, known as the pulp, becomes infected or inflamed. Also, tooth injuries may damage the pulp, which requires root canal treatment. People often fear dental visits because they don’t want to feel the pain associated with root canal treatment. However, it is dangerous to ignore signs sent by your teeth and gums.

Failure to visit your dentist can cause additional and costly concerns in the long run. Unlike the common misunderstanding that root canal treatment is painful and uncomfortable, the treatment option is similar to getting a filling. Therefore, patients shouldn’t avoid the dentist when they require root canal treatment. These reasons should be enough for you to book an appointment with a dentist in Meridian, Idaho if you need a root canal procedure done.

An infected or dead tooth

The outer layers of a tooth are made of hard material, unlike the inner pulp that is made of soft, living tissue. The tissue can sometimes get an infection from simple things such as deep-down decay and cracked tooth surface. The tooth then starts to degenerate and die away. Consequently, you might require an emergency root canal treatment to relieve the pain, stop the spread of the infection, and control it. As such, you shouldn’t ignore the signs of a root canal to avoid causing severe concerns.

Repeat procedures

Repeated dental treatments carried out on a single tooth increase the chances of future root canal treatment. A tooth might require several procedures due to an array of factors such as recurring cavities that need a filling. You might also need repeated dental treatments when an already filled tooth needs a new treatment alternative if it breaks, cracks, or gets chipped.


Constant clenching and grinding could result in cracks in teeth and open an avenue for bacteria to reach the roots, which causes infection on the soft tissue of the tooth. As a result, the pulp becomes inflamed. Teeth grinding causes wear and tear of the enamel and exposes the dentin. As a result, patients require root canal treatment.

Pain resolving itself

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Sometimes some injuries heal over time without the intervention of a doctor. However, that is not usually the case with injuries on your teeth. The discomfort and pain might disappear when you assume root canal pain for a long time. Unfortunately, that is dangerous because the absence of the pain means that your nerves have died, and not that the infection is gone. The infection is still there, and it could spread and result in other issues. As such, you should book an appointment with a dentist to have a root canal procedure done.

Saving your natural teeth

The chances of losing an entire tooth are high when you ignore your root canal concern. Get the root canal treatment done as soon as possible to save your gums and teeth. It also protects the important dental work already done on your teeth.

The reasons mentioned above should be convincing enough to get root canal treatment immediately. Your teeth can last for a lifetime even after the procedure is carried out, as long as you practice proper care. Besides, a root canal procedure is not painful.

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