5 Different Types of Windows for Your Home

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With the variety of options available today, we will help find the right one for you. First, you have to understand the type of window that you need in terms of the design, function, and need for maintenance.  You also need to assess properly which window type you need considering your preferred amount of sunlight and wind, and the type of materials you would want to use. Once you do find the perfect window, you need to look for a company that doeswindow replacement. Utah has several who do both commercial and residential properties.

To help you choose the best type of window, we laid out different options, plus the perks and cons of each type. Find the window that suits your needs to complete the home of your dreams!

Double-Hung Windows

A double-hung window is composed of two operable sashes. Its upper outside sash can slide down while the lower inside sash slides up. This mechanism allows entry and movement of air in our houses, securing optimum ventilation and air circulation. This type of window is also easy to clean because of its tilting. For these reasons, double-hung windows are the most commonly used window type.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are quite similar to double-hung windows. The only difference is that only the lower sash can be moved. It also offers a convenient way of cleaning as the exterior part of the window can be pivoted inward.

This type of window replacement is more energy efficient. Because only the lower sash is operable, there is less chance for heat to escape through the windows. It maintains the warmth inside our houses, which is beneficial during colder climates. Conversely, because of the same mechanism, it offers less ventilation than double-hung windows, which can cause a problem during warmer days.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are composed of two panels that can glide left or right. It allows open-air and ventilation up to half of the size of the window. Because it is only composed of two panels, it is easy to use, durable and low in maintenance. The downside, however, is that it is quite hard to clean as the exterior part of the window cannot be cleaned from the inside.

Accent Windows

Accent windows are the fixed-type of windows that are available in various shapes, types, and sizes. These are often used for aesthetic, style, and incorporating lighting, usually in framing in an outside scenery. It is considered as the most energy-efficient among all types as no heat can escape its fixed insulation. However, since it is fixed, it also does not offer ventilation and air circulation. It also does not provide escape routes in case of emergencies.  As such, accent windows are best paired up with operable window types.

Glass Block Windows

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Glass block windows are also a fixed type of windows but made up of individual blocks fixed together by mortars. It is most often used to provide additional light, usually in bathrooms and comfort rooms. To this date, glass blocks are already available in a variety of designs and materials. They are now used by designers to elevate the aesthetic of houses by using it as glass-like walls or translucent dividers around the house.


Every detail in your home is important. Our windows can either make or break our dream house, so choose carefully!

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