5 Best Applications of Marine Plywood Auckland

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Bodies of water surround Auckland, and it has a subtropical climate. Using marine plywood in Auckland for everything might seem like a good idea. However, you might think twice because marine plywood is about 5 times more expensive than regular plywood. This is because marine plywood has double the number of layers and a different glue that makes it waterproof.

Since it costs so much more than regular plywood, you will probably want to choose where you use marine plywood. Here are 5 best applications for it:

Deck or patio floors

Your deck or patio gets regular exposure to the elements, including rain and snow. You probably also hose it down regularly to keep it clean. If you use regular wood or plywood for the floors, there is a good chance of water damage occurring. Marine plywood with proper staining and sealing will last for many years without much fuss. You only need to reapply the seal every few years to be on the safe side.

Bathroom walls and subfloors

Another area in the home that is always wet is the bathroom. It is not enough to put down ceramic or other waterproof tiles for the walls and floors. These have seams, so water might seep through anyway. Bathroom walls and floors usually have wood supports for these tiles, and the best choice is marine plywood. Even if water seeps through, it will not damage the subfloors and wall supports.


Most small boats you see around Auckland are made with fiberglass. These are more expensive than those made of wood. If you want to buy a boat but you have a limited budget, choose a boat made of marine plywood. It will be more affordable than fiberglass boats, and just as waterproof. You just need to make sure you seal the wood completely before putting it out on the water.

Lake platforms

If you live anywhere near any of the many lakes in Auckland, you might like to put in a lake platform. It is a good move for making the lake more hangout and tanning friendly. It is also an excellent place to do some fishing instead of fishing from a boat or the dock. Marine plywood would be the only choice for this project because you want to use something that will not rot and fall apart in a very short time.

You can make a lake platform on your own quite easily. Glue and nail a few sheets of marine plywood together and apply a sealer all over. Attach floats to the underside of each corner before pushing it into the lake to where you want. You can then anchor it using thick ropes and weights.



A boat dock is a little harder to build than a platform. However, it is just as useful, so you might want to invest in having a pro do it for you. Just make sure that the deck surface is marine plywood to keep it in great condition the whole year round without having to sand and treat it every year.

Marine plywood is a great choice for applications where water damage can be a real problem. You can get back your investment in the end as it will stay intact with very little maintenance for a long time.

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