Meet the Team

We established Ellwood City Memories for the citizens of Ellwood and everyone else residing in Pennsylvania. We want to provide an entertaining but informational website where everyone in the state can read on the news, feature articles, and other editorials related to them. Because while we’re also Americans, there are just some things in Pennsylvania that other Americans cannot understand.

Apart from our pieces, we welcome contributors to share anything: from news and announcements in Ellwood to the next exciting sports event in Pittsburgh, and even outsiders who want to share their thoughts about their trip to Pennsylvania.

Our Team

Mirta Barreintos Juarez

Mirta was born and raised in Ellwood before moving to California for college. While she still resides in Pennsylvania, she travels around the country as a professional tennis player. On her free time, she likes to read and write about sports news and give an interesting take on sports. From Lebron’s draft to Serena Williams’ loss against Naomi Osaka, you’ve probably read her one of her articles somewhere on the internet by now.

Tyler Williams

Tyler Williams enjoys the outdoors and is always either on the road or on the dirt path. At 22, he followed in his father’s footsteps and has been driving race cars for over seven years. He loves the thrill of racing, collecting both vintage and modern cars, and restoring old cars. When he’s not on the road, he’s taking the path less traveled hiking to numerous communities hidden in mountain ranges.

Walter Parker

Walter is a 35-year old tech geek obsessed with the latest products from tech giants. He keeps tabs on Apple, Samsung, Google, and Amazon and provides reviews helpful for the everyday consumer. Despite his love for modern technology, he appreciates the quiet, idyllic community of his parents’ home and travels from Pittsburgh to Ellwood at least thrice a month.