Opening in the early part of the 1960’s, Winky’s restaurant chain offered “fast food cheap”. Located on Beaver Avenue, the popular hamburger stand was a very popular “hang out” to local teens. The entire Winky’s chain went out of business in the mid 1980’s.

    Today, Vinny’s is located in the same building and uses the old Winky’s sign that was in the shape of a “W”. If you look real close, you can still see “Winky’s”.

     Winky’s Restaurant “Makes you happy to be hungry”.

Originally Published July 27, 2010

14 people shared their memories of “Winky’s”

Tom Katsadas wrote: After Winky’s went out of business, a restaurant called Chumley’s occupied the building. You placed your order by using crayons to circle your items. They weren’t in business for more than a year or so. Patrick Reece worked there for a short time.

Leonard Chapman wrote: My wife Barbara and my daughter Crissi enjoyed a lunch at Winky’s once when Winky’s offered a salad bar. Barbara bit into a cherry tomato and splattered seeds all over Crissi’s face. Crissi wiped them off with a napkin and placed it beside her plate. Barbara added pepper to her salad causing Crissi to sneeze. Crissi reached for the napkin and put the tomato seeds all over her face again. They laughed so hard it made a couple teen girls very self conscious, thinking Barbara and Crissi laughed at them. My two gals hope the teens did not take it too personal.

pamela wrote: Ben,i heard my uncle laurence was mayor of Ellwood city around the 1940’s 50’s.can u find out if this is true. Laurence (larry) turner. ty pamela

Don Anderson wrote: Well we had this discussion before (me and Ernie). We know who the girl in the glasses is but we can’t figure out who the other one is?” Don

Carole wrote: Don, I thought at first that the girl without the glasses was/is Mary Cay Fontana. I am not sure if it is her. She looks VERY familiar, but I can’t think of who she is.

pudue lacava wrote: theresa krawchyk

Ernie Young wrote: Pudue–is she from Ellwood? Did she go to Lincoln? She’s another one of those Ellwood Memories mysteries.

Carole wrote: Purdue, I don’t recognize Theresa’s name either. I didn’t see her name listed in the 1964 Ellwoodian. A mystery for sure!

While I was looking through the yearbook, I saw a picture of Tom Klindienst. Tom graduated in ’64. He looks a lot like the boy on the left.

Well, that has kept me busy for a while on this snowy day. Maybe someone else will help answer the questions.

Carole wrote: Correct my spelling error….Pudue. Very sorry!

Carol MacDonald wrote: Theresa Krawchyk lived in North Side, Her husband Jimmie was the caretaker of the little Russian Orthodox church behind the Bell Community Center. He also helped out taking care of the Center by shoveling snow. I don’t think Theresa was originally from Ellwood City. They had a son who would be in his late 40’s. I don’t think they are still in Ellwood.

Ernie Young wrote: Thanks Miss Carol. That’s more than we knew going in.

Carole Wimer Starz wrote: Carol, is Krawchyk Theresa’s married name? I recognize her face, but not her name. Thanks for the information!

I have been in that little church a few times with my friend, Karen Pavick. She was a member.

Don Anderson wrote: well everyone is trying to help but I haven’t learned a thing lol

Carol MacDonald wrote: Carole, Krawchyk was her married name, She wasn’t originally from Ellwood, I think she was from the Valley. I only know them because of my affiliation with the Bell Center. It’s funny because when I first looked at that picture, I also thought that was Mary Kay Fontana, but once Pudue said Theresa I remember her working there.

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  1. I enjoy the memories of Ellwood, Lincoln and the valley. Please keep them coming.
    Beverly Craven Cole, graduate of Lincoln High School, 1960

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