United States Secret Service Agent Baldelli

There have been at least ten Presidents of the United States to have come through our little town. There have been more than a couple from here that that have gone on to serve in the Executive Branches of our government including the State Legislature; but so far, nobody from Ellwood City has yet gone on to become President of the United States.

It is true that none of us may have become President yet, but one of our own went to Washington to protect the President of the United States. Dave Baldelli is a former Ellwood City Police Officer that became a United States Secret Service Field Officer. Agent Baldelli pictured here with President Johnson protected multiple Presidents and their families. In a later interview, President Nixon’s daughter Trisha recalled the agent and even claimed him as her personal favorite.

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  1. Bob, are you related to the Edward and Sarah Lefevre Evans family of Ellwood City? They were my great grandparents. My grandmother was frances Cornelia Evans Salzman.

  2. Mary, I am not related to Edward & Sarah Evans. My parents were Frank & Hazel Evans and lived in Ellport.

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