Under 12 Soccer League

How many of you remember the under 12 soccer league? Teams in the league during the 1981-82 season included Arrow Electric, Tita Machine Drillers, Fabrimac Stallions, and the team pictured here is the Calgon Cosmos. We would like to thank David Cook for not only providing the picture, but also putting names to the faces. The names and spelling are to the best of our knowledge…

      Front kneeling L-R: Kari McClymonds, Jeff Pletz, Russel Gilchrist, Anthony Toronto, Mike “Buddy” Rukoveno, David Cook.
Middle Row standing L-R: Adam Music, Shannon Sarver, John Koziar, Eddie ?, Jeff Hand, David Main, Drew Harbaugh.
Back row: Coach Main
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Chris Pavkovich wrote: Gosth I remember this. The first team I was on was the Medusa Cobras. I can’t remember after that. I also remember that during the season, they would have a Super Soccer Saturday where there would be a big tournament. Robert DiBuono, Shawn Conway, Jack and Andre DiAddio were some of the notable players during my time. Good times.
David Cook wrote: Chris, I forgot about the Medusa Cobras!!! I thought there were more teams than I had mentioned, but not sure how many. I also remember the Super Soccer Saturdays. In fact I believe during one of them – members of the Pittsburgh Spirit MISL soccer team were there, giving skills demonstrations, signing autographs, etc. I agree they were good times!!!
Chris Pavkovich wrote: Hey Dave! I do remember the one Super Soccer Sat when the Pittsburgh MISL team was signing autographs. LOL
Hope you are doing well.
Russ Rangel wrote: The team that I was on was called Norms Pizza Kids. Lol I think the pizza shop that sponsored our team was right where the Oasis bar is at.

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  1. I remember playing soccer at stifle park grossman roughnecks 1983-1986 🙂 vic Rangel was coach rusty Rangel me shawn byers 🙂

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