The Road Rebels Car Club was founded about 1958-1959 by Al Schuller, Bob Henry and Tony Tino of Ellwood City, PA. The club had an eight car garage in Ellport where they worked on their cars and installed larger more powerful engines. The Road Rebels held races for their cars at drag strips in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The club had a maximum membership of twenty five active members who all wore black leather jackets with the car club logo on the back. The logo was also on metal plaques attached to the rear bumpers of member’s cars. There was also business cards made that matched the jacket logo. The cards were handed out to a lot of people, especially when we helped stranded motorists.
The club was sponsored by the Ellwood City Elks Club which let the guys hold their annual meetings there and on Saturday nights and they also held dances for the local teenagers. The rebels also had a good reputation in the community for helping stranded motorists whose cars broke down along the highway or got stuck in bad weather. Member Al Schuller who gave us this information was not sure when the Road Rebels Car Club disbanded because he left for the U.S. Army in 1961 and served overseas patrolling the Czechoslovakian border. However, he was sure that all the members have good memories of those times together. If you remember the Road Rebels Car Club, we would enjoy hearing your memories.
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  1. George o. Sewall iii says:

    Al, Rich Emig, says hi. Rich and I are friends. He still has the car plaque which he is leaving to me. He is doing well. My name is George Sewall

  2. Jo Ann (Miller) Oxsen says:

    Good to see your posting on, George! I used to babysit you, Pam and your other 2 sisters way back when – retired now and living in Kingman, Arizona. Jo Ann (Miller) Oxsen

  3. Sharon (Welch) Tritt says:

    If I remember correctly they had song titles written on their cars, like Earth Angel etc.

  4. Ernie Young says:

    Yes Sharon there were cars with names and one was “Earth Angel”. I maybe all wet with what I’m going to write now. Please, someone with a better memory set me straight if I’m wrong with what I remember.

    “Earth Angel” was a green Ford or Mercury. I believe it was owned by Davy Patterson. I “think” I remember it or another car of that era, having 2 shift handles. If correct, I assume one would go from 1st to 2nd and 3rd. The other to reverse. I maybe all wet, because for sure, I have no clue on fixing cars. As I said my memory of this could be off in left field, but for some reason this is the memory I have.

    On a personal note, Davy was a good guy who would give us rides from one end of town to another if we were in need. He was killed in a car crash sometime during the 60’s. Maybe on RT. 18 where the truck stop and diner was, which later was a motel and roller rink. I believe a guy who was known as Cool Breeze was also killed.

    There’s a picture in the 1961 Ellwoodian on page 6 of Scott Swartz and Tim McFadden changing a tire with a Road Rebel Jacket hanging on the front left fender.
    Yes, hot cars with names and were a big part of the Ellwood scene during those wonderful years when most of us grew up in this wonderful little American town.

  5. Bob Stevenson says:

    Ernie. you’re right about the wreck. Dave was killed and also cool breeze who’s real name was emil floyd. Scott Swartz was my cousin and died early in life from a heart attack. He lived in California. Another car was “Dutchman’s Gold” owned by Jim Morella and “Silver Ghost” owned by Ronnie Weisz. And speaking of Car Clubs, don’t forget the Kingsmen headed up by Jerry Cole.

  6. Beverly Cole says:

    who was in the Kingsmen car club?

  7. Bob Stevenson says:

    my brother for one. Jerry Cole for another. In fact he was the president I believe

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