I recently had someone ask me if I had any interest in a 1971 Ellwood City phonebook. I did not think at the time that I did, but I was wrong. I flipped through the yellow pages and just happened to stop on the Groceries and Meats section. In 1971, there were a number of grocery stores in Ellwood City compared to today where there are two.
I was a little surprised to find that in 1971, there were six grocery stores on Lawrence Avenue; yes six. I have posted stories about a couple of these stores, have stories but no pictures of others, and never even heard of a number of these. In alphabetical order..
A&P Food Store on Beaver Avenue
Best Groceries in Frisco
Christy’s Super Market on 65 in Frisco

Curb Market on Sixth Street ???
Dan’s by the US Steel guard station on First Street
Decaria & Son on Division ???
DeLoia Super Market on Lawrence Avenue
DeMauro & Spencer on the 400 block of Lawrence ???
Dom’s IGA Foodliner at the end of Wampum Avenue
Ewing Park Market at the end of the Ewing Park Bridge
Fruit City Super Market at the west end of Lawrence Avenue ???
George’s Food Market located on the 1200 block of Lawrence Avenue
Henton’s Market in Burnstown. The last of the “corner” stores in town.
hentons-grocerHerbert’s Super Market in Ellport
Ideal Food Stores (Christy’s Super Market)
Ketterer Store in Wurtemburg ???
Keystone Super Market on the 400 block of Lawrence Avenue ???
Lanzi’s Market on Pershing Street ???
Loblaw Store on Wampum Avenue
Loccisano Brothers on Pittsburgh Circle
Mario’s Fine Foods on Spring Avenue where Pizza Joes is today
Mercuri’s Market on Fifth Street
Morini’s Golden Dawn Foods at the end of the Fifth Street Bridge on Wampum Avenue
Paglia’s Grocery at the bottom of Derby Hill across from Barry’s
Pavlovic Market on Brighton Road ???
Port Frank Grocery on the 700 block of Lawrence Avenue ???
Quinn’s Clover Farm Store on Zelienople Road in Frisco ???
Riccardi Grocery on Hazel Avenue ???
Rubino’s Korner Store in the corner of Franklin Avenue and Second Street
As I mentioned, some of these stores I have never heard of. If you remember them, please share your memories below or email me at info@ellwoodcitymemories.com

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  1. James Franz says:

    Riccardis on SE corner of Hazel and North St. was awesome as was Charlie! Penny candy counter and I probably got most of my baseball cards there in early 70s

  2. Donna Craven says:

    If I remember correctly the Curb Market was held in the empty lot next to the old Fire Station, not in a building. Guess that was on the corner of Cresent and maybe 6th Street. It was like the open air or Farmers Markets we see today.

  3. Ray Cooper says:

    My mom and dad Bought almost everything from Morini’s market on Wampum Avenue. They also bought from the A & P. Since we lived on Old Belton road, we bought gas and some groceries from Nastas. I believe his name was Nontz. Gosh that takes me back 50 to 60 years or more ago.

  4. Nick Lanzi’s store was on Pershing Street in the late 1940’s at least. If my memory serves me it was at about 801 Pershng Street. We lived at 819 Pershing in the ‘defense houses’ and Nick’s was on our side of the street at the corner. I remember 3 things about Nick’s–that he smoked cigars in the store, sold those wax lips for a penny, and that he had a finger that was missing. Anyone else remember that?

  5. Debbie Crawford says:

    We bought all of our meat at Ewing Park Market when we lived there. We used to stop for drinks and popsicles in the summer too. It was always busy.

  6. Christopher Yahn says:

    The “Curb Market” on 6th St. is what we now call the Farmer’s Market. Located in a parking lot where the Ellwood fire station is now, the street sides (6th & Oliver Way) had tables permanently installed, so that farmers could back their trucks right up to the tables and display their wares. At least one Amish family was always there selling vegetables and homemade baked goods. I remember my mother striking up conversations with the Amish lady who made the baked goods. My mother looked forward to their conversations every Saturday. The cookies were wonderful!

  7. Christopher Yahn says:

    Loblaw’s on Wampum Ave. opened in 1959. We lived right behind the store, which is now the Creekside Commons building. Loblaws closed all of their Pittsburgh area stores in the 1970s and the building became a Valu-King.

  8. Sharon Tritt says:

    Quinn’s Clover Farm store was in the building next to the Franklin Twp fire dept, it is an apartment building now.

  9. Brian Grant says:

    Lanzi’s was at the corner of Pershing and Mt. Vernon right at the beginning of Walnut Ridge. The next building was the service building and Community Center where Bill Sweeney worked.

  10. Donald Anderson says:

    the Keystone Mkt was owned by Johnnie and Rose Minnocci if I remember right.

  11. Jer Thompson says:

    Was there a Hinkles Grocery in Ellport?

  12. Jer Thompson says:

    Yes Lois and Brian, Nick Lanzi’s was about 801 Pershing.
    We were at 757 Pershing. The store was there thru the 1950s.

  13. Sharon Tritt says:

    Yes Jer….Hinkles had a store in Ellport, their first store was where the chiropractor is near the barber shop then they moved to that next building over that is apartments now. Youngs garden center was in half the building and Hinkles was in the other half.

  14. Linda Turner says:

    Don, You are correct about Keystone Market on Lawrence Ave. next to the Manos. We would just run a “tab” and my Mom would go in (whenever) and pay. Johnnie ran the meat counter. It was exciting when they got the TV Dinners. Does anyone remember how they were separated by meat, veggies & dessert? Boy what memories.

  15. Bob Stevenson says:

    You’re right Don and Linda about the Keystone Market being owned by John and Rose Minnocci. And everyone ran a tab. Especially if your Dad worked in a mill. On payday, your mother would go and pay the bill ans a new one would start.

  16. Donald Anderson says:

    Bob, Do you remember my mother workin there?

  17. Linda Turner says:

    Don, Your Mom worked at Keystone? What did she look like those many years ago. I might have seen or known her. I was in there so often. If she worked there after 1960, then I wouldn’t know her.

  18. D.J. Mudric says:

    Decaria and sons was owned by Joe Decaria. I thought it was on the corner of Hillside and second St.

  19. Carole Wimer Starz says:

    The Century Super Market was near the A&P…about as many blocks west, but a block north (or south?) of it. I don’t remember the name of the street, but I remember going there with my mother. It was just a short ride from the Century to the A&P (she went to both). It was larger than the neighborhood grocery stores, but about the same size as the A&P and Loblaw’s.

  20. Ernie Young says:

    Yes Carol the 2 stores were near each other. One was on Law. Ave. where McElwain Bros. Body Shop is now which is not owned by the McElwain’s any longer. The other was on the corner of Beaver Ave. and 9th St.. It is now a weld shop owned by Jim Paff.

    The last one to be a grocery store was the one on Beaver. It was owned by the Katuby’s. If you don’t know, they are the sons of George who had George’s Market in the West End.

  21. Ray Tammaro says:

    Not mentioned on you list was a grocery store on Lawrence Ave directly across from West End Grill & West End Cafe that was owned by Leo or Leon Carmello. Most every West End family knew it by the name, Butcher’s. You had to climb the steps to enter front door, which had a tiny bell that would ring when someone entered. He had one of the largest penny candy selections, and he would wait patiently for us to decide how to spend out dime. As his name indicated, he had fresh meat & poultry as well as all the basic grocery store items, and some special imported Italian items, during holiday seasons. Like many of the other old stores listed, you could charge your groceries until Tube Mill payday. He would write all tabs by hand, and place in box under counter. I never could figure how he kept everything in balance, however, everyone trusted him & there never seemed to be any major problems. I remember he had a very loyal woman employee named Helen, who would walk from Park Gate every day, regardless of weather, and remained there for years. I believe it remained in business until Butcher passed away. Hopefully some of the readers will remember this old grocery store.

  22. Donald Anderson says:

    linda, Her name was Selma and I cant say for sure when she sworked tyheree.

  23. ozzie says:

    Also left out was Duncan’s store and gas station at the first bridge in Wittenberg..

  24. Bob Evans says:

    Bob Evans says,
    In the late 40’s or early 50’s, old timers from Ellport will remember Robosky’s store on Golf Ave. between 3rd and 4th street. Joe Robosky sold everything in that little store including meat that he butchered himself. A large house now sits on that property.

  25. Ernie Young says:

    Boy there are stores mentioned by Bob, Ozzie and Ray that I have no memory of, which I find not at all unusual. In my area, the 600 block of Wayne Ave. we had Frank’s. It was owned by Frank Genova. But there were so many in the Little Italy side of town. One not mentioned, at least I haven’t seen it, was Russia Fanari’s it was somewhere around Hillside near 5th or 4th St. area I think. On the North Side 3 or 4 doors down on the north side of Orchard Ave. was a little store also. I just know of it from North Side friends who speak of it.
    You know folks, there were little Mom and Pop stores just about on every corner back then. It was actually unbelievable, if you stop and think about it, they all made a living for their families. They all let people charge, as has been mentioned, that was paid off on payday.
    Once again I must say, “those were the days.”

  26. Does anyone else remember Lanzi’s store becoming Parshall’s for a while?

  27. Ernie Young says:

    I do remember Lanzi’s VellaRuth. I also remember going in there after Lanzi’s was gone. However, never knew who owned it then.

    Maybe someone mentioned this before. Was it then turned into a Laundromat? I, as with other things I have written, maybe all wet on this Laundromat thing.

  28. Bob Stevenson says:

    don. yes I remember your mom working there. late 50’s early 60’s

  29. Linda Turner says:

    Well, if Bob Stevenson new your mom I probably did. I do know there was always another woman working there. As I said I was there almost every day.

  30. Russ Latimer says:

    I remember Parshalls Superette ! Hello Vellaruth! Nick lanzi owned and operated it until the early 60s when Wilbur parshall and his round wire rimmed glasses leased it from Nick for roughly 3 years. It then became Lanzi’s again in a much smaller form, The Laundromat was next door.Pat Polis,then Ralph Taylor had a barbershop on the end closest to the housing project…….Russ Latimer

  31. Donald Anderson says:

    Wasn’t Kotuby”s in west end on the corner?

  32. Donald Anderson says:

    I thought Kotubys was on Lawrence and !!th st????

    • Ernie Young says:

      Yes it was at the west end of town. Not really sure of the street. It was a corner either 10th, 11th, or 12th Streets and Lawrence.

  33. Ray Tammaro says:

    It was 12th & European Bakery 11th.

  34. Ernie Young says:

    Thanks Ray.

  35. Rich says:

    Would anyone know where the Kroger Store was located and when it left Ellwood City? raperr4@aol.com

  36. Ernie Young says:

    I believe it was in one of 2 spots. First, on the north side of Lawrence. Ave. between 7th and 8th.. The second spot would be on the north side of Beaver Ave. between 8th and 9th.. The first of the 2 now houses McElwain Bros. Body Shop. The second location, which housed Kotuby Bros. Shop&Save for quite a while, is now Paff (I believe that’s how you spell it) Welding. One of those locations was an A&P which prior to being there was located on the west side of 6th. between Law. and Crescent, where Ziegler’s Furniture Store was, as someone mentioned before. I hope I haven’t confused you to much Rich.

    Once again I could be all wet with my recollection. To think we had a Kroger’s, Valu-King, A&P, Loblaw,s and of course Loccisano’s. But before most of these, we had the wonderful world of the Mom and Pop corner stores that were everywhere, which we all remember and wrote about, so fondly, before.

    Once again those were the days my friend’s.

  37. Danny John says:

    You are right Ernie the one on Lawrence ave where McEwain is was a Golden Dawn the one on Beaver ave is the location of Kroger I remember they bought out the Dodge dealership that my Dad worked at for many years

  38. Bob Stevenson says:

    Don’t forget Loccisano’s had a store where McElwain’s paint an collision is

  39. Ernie Young says:

    I keep forgetting about Loccisano’s being there. I have no memory of that. There is a picture of it in the picture gallery on this site. My memory is only of it at the corner of Pitts. Circle and Fountain across from where it is now. The picture someone put up is really nice of that old location of Loccisano’s on Law. Ave..

  40. Donald Anderson says:

    Wasn’t it across the street from the Ledger building???

  41. Donald Anderson says:

    the curb market on 6th was the farmers mkt

  42. Joe Barberio says:

    Here are a couple more. Balter’s market was at the SE corner of Lawrence Ave and 7th Street. The poultry market was on the south side of Lawrence Ave between 8th and 9th streets. There was a small grocery store at the NE corner of 8th street and Bell Ave. I don’t remember who owned it.

    • Ernie Young says:

      If my memory serves the corner store on the NE corner of 8th and Law. was Port’s. That’s where the bus to take us to the Ellport Roller Rink picked us up on Sat..

      The Chicken Market I remember well. Hated going in there as a kid because of the smell. To this day I tell everyone I can handle looking at almost anything, but I have a very weak nose. So weak, I have never changed a dirty diaper of either of my Grandsons.

      The Balter Store I have no memory of at all.

  43. Joe Barberio says:

    Wehr’s meat market was on the south side of Lawrence Ave just west of 7th street.

  44. Ernie Young says:

    Now there’s a name that would ring a bell if I were talking to someone and they mentioned it, but why it rang the bell I wouldn’t know. I believe someone mentioned a meat store or maybe it was a grocery store on the south side of Law. between 5th and 6th St’s. west of the Murphy’s 5 & 10.

    Bob Stevenson and Linda Turner have mentioned before a store that was located on the SE corner of Law. Ave. before which I can’t remember the name. Although I mentioned before I don’t have any memory of that store either.

    I remember the name Hinkle being associated with a store in Ellport, but I was never in there is, once again, if my memory serves. I do remember Herbert’s Store in Ellport and I do remember going in there.

    One more thing, that Mario’s on Spring where Pizza Joe’s is today, I remember only as Spoa’s.

    I’m glad this post of the grocery stores was put up. It rattles loose a lot of memories for us all. Thanks Ben.

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