North Side Market

Another one of the few remaining buildings in the often discussed Hazel Dell Business District was Jake Britton’s “North Side Market”. Dale Brown shared with us how he recalled Jake’s store supported the entire North Side. Like a lot of the smaller corner stores in Ellwood, Mr. Britton ran credit accounts for all of the families and everyone would go in on payday to pay their tabs.

       Kathy Blank remembers Jake Britton’s Grocery Store’ was lovingly known as Jakies store. The store used to carry lots of Kosier foods and she also mentioned that Jake’s was where families could get groceries during hard times on tab. She also shared that during the end of the Great Depression, customers could get food from the North Side Market with small paper stamps.
When you are facing the building, on the left there was a “beer garden” at one time, North Side News has been in the building for years but at another door, and there has always been apartments on the second floor. Over the years, the front has changed slightly and a number recalled the feed store before Snyder Saw. We would like to hear what you remember. If you have any memories of the building or of Jake Britton, please share your comments below or email me at

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  1. The Brittons lived at 225 Glen Avenue and may have had the house built, I think around 1937. My parents bought the house from the Brittons in 1969.

  2. We lived up the alley behind Line Avenue. When I was a little boy, my mother sent me for a bottle of bleach that she called “moonshine”. When I asked Jake for a bottle of moonshine, he sent me back home to my mother who laughed and laughed. I didn’t think it was funny

    As a ham radio teenager, I wanted to put up a 300 foot long wire from our house on Line Avenue to the back roof of Jakes. I asked him for permission and he said OK. I could pick up signals all over the world from that antenna.

    Chuck Maggi

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