Nick’s Snack Bar (Finally)

I recently received an email from Sandy Host with some very exciting pictures of her father’s shop Nick’s Snack Bar included. I am very grateful for her taking the time to scan these pictures in and for her even describing each picture so we know what we are looking at. Thank you so much Sandra for helping keep the memories of your father Nick Calabria alive with all of us.
Without any further delay, in Sandy’s own words…
Nick’s Snack Bar 

These are some of the original waitresses (counter girls). I don’t remember all the names but, left to right
(?), Theresa Gottuso, Grace Gottuso, Rosina Nocera, (? ), Ida Nocera, (?)
One of the little league teams who came to be “treated” after winning their game. My Dad would give the winning team members a free hot dog and soda after every game. You can see a “special” on the chalk board behind the team. Usually the pop would be an additional 5 cents.
My Dad, Nick Calabria, in his usual position behind the counter. There was another counter that opened into the “rec” room to the right of where my Dad is standing. The large grill where his hot dogs and sausages were cooked is to his left.
Nick with a regular customer, to their right is a chalk board where the names of those “barred” from the store were posted along with their term!
My Father and Mother, Ellen Calabria, sitting in a booth, one of which lined the walls of the “rec” room.
A typical group of kids, maybe a bit younger than usual, that posed for a photo before or after a party in the Rec center.
Outside photo of the building with our apartment above.
Four of the dozen or so counter girls in the middle years of the snack bar.

Thank you again Sandy. I can not wait to hear the flood of memories these pictures may unlock. Please leave your memories below in the comment section.

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  1. Not getting all the photos. Recognize Rosalie’s name. Cool to see the cars, too. Joan Powell Mould Alexandria VA

  2. Sandy thank you very much for sending me down memory lane in photos. These are precious. Can’t wait to save and focus in on faces.

  3. A favorite hangout for sure. Thursday was always our night for Nick’s pizza as my dad was at Rotary. I recall that there were two flavors…sweet or hot. Wonderful memories…we didn’t know how lucky we were.

  4. Thank you so much for sending the pictures. I played for the Rotary when George Thornhill was the coach and remember Nicks pizza very well. Thanks again

  5. Dave Patterson, is jim Pattrerson your brother and Carolyn your sister? I remeber your sister was friends with Joyce Scala

  6. Thanks for sharing those photos. I tasted my first pizza at Nick’s and had many find memories of eating there. Can to this day remember how good the pizza was.

  7. Sandy your father was one of greatest men in Ellwood City..I remember dances in the rec room where we would dance around the clock with Elvis.. Your father taught us how to play chess and checkers. I then taught my daughter and she taught her son an at seven he was at the masters level. All because of him. My little sister always wanted to go see popsicle Nick. Wow, what wonderful memories. Thanks.

  8. Such wonderful memories. When I try to tell people about Nick’s, they cannot begin to imagine the awesomeness of it. Your dad was a very special person. Too bad our kids today have no such place or special caring person to look up to.

  9. It looks like this was next to the gas station at the five point intersection in Ewing Park; right about where the dairy queen would later go,up from the old synagogue, across from the gazebo. Did Nick later own a grocery/candy store down from Walnut Ridge school on Mt. Vernon?

    1. Ralph, Nick’s was there, as you wrote, next to the station. The Dairy Queen was across Nick’s parking lot. They were there at the same time. As so many have written they were major stopping spots when in the park. Either after a great day swimming at the pool or before or after watching some baseball. If you were a player and did something like hit a homer, you definently stopped. Why? Nick treated you to something. Nick’s was a great place when I was young. As I wrote before somewhere if not here, “I loved playing the Jukebox (which was one of the best in Ellwood) and the great baseball pinball machine.” I can’t think back in time without thinking about Nick’s and The DQ and how lucky we were that they were there for us all.
      What year did you graduate Ralph?

      1. 83. I think Nick’s was gone by the time I was old enough to remember anything. I think it must have been in the spot that later became Park Pharmacy. There was a Nick’s candy store in my neighborhood near Walnut Ridge, but probably a different Nick.

  10. Believe replied once before, but if not here I go! Nick was one the nicest individuals a kid would want to meet! He treated us all great! As said before, you would get a hot dog or another treat if you won a game or hit a homerun! Sandy and Bunny were super as well along with Momma Calabria!

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