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        Margaret’s Restaurant was originally located in the building on the corner of Fifth Street and Beaver Avenue. By the time of the big snow storm of 1950, Margaret (Desport) Krause had moved the business to the building next door to the South along Fifth Street.

     We have heard from Doris “Varner” Miller who worked at Margaret’s during that 1950 snow storm. She recalled that Margaret owned the house that is now just two doors down from Alborne tires and the Restaurant on Fifth Street. The house was remodeled to have three or four dining rooms located on the first floor. On Sundays, she would prepare the food at the restaurant and bring it to the house to serve dinner at the house. The area single mill workers would come to the house for the “home cooked”, more family like atmosphere. Doris remembers working all day preparing food and taking it over there to be served.

      As we mentioned in other posts, Margaret’s Restaurant was known for their pies. Folks that remember the restaurant get that look on their face like they can actually remember how good the pies were when you mention Margaret’s even today. If you remember Margaret’s Restaurant and would like to share your memories, please leave a reply below or email me at

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Danny John wrote: I remember this as i grew up in the house that she owend it was sold to the Knights of Coloumbus and we lived upstairs in one of 2 apartments I used to play in the basemement of that building and there was 3 main dining rooms on the first floor with a kitchen and office and 2 restrooms the sign was still in the yard when we first moved there the address was 305 4th street boy after all these years i still remember that.

Ralph wrote: My mother was a cook there in the late 40’s and that is where she meet my father. She learned to make pies there and everyone always raved about her pies, especialy her lemmon pie and cream pies.

Dale A. Brown Jr. wrote: On payday Friday evening (my dad worked at the Tube Mill) our family would walk (we lived by Pittsburgh Circle on Glen Ave,) to Margaret’s for supper. And they did have the BEST pies in town, my two favorites were the lemon meringue and the coconut cream. And I also enjoyed their meat loaf sandwiches and a big glass of chocolate milk to wash it down. It seemed like a big deal going out to eat then, now it is commone place but then I can remember dad saying “it is expensive to take the whole family out to eat but it is one of the only times we sit down together”. Another restarant I always enjoyed eating at was Perrone’s by the subway. I thought it was great sitting in the window watching people walk by and eating. Great meals and great memories.

Steve Charles wrote: Margaret Krause was my gradmother. She was one of the most special people you would have ever met. When I was little, we used to go to the restaurant where she would feed us until we would bust! I loved cherry pie and my brother loved apple, so whenever we would come to Ellwood to visit, she would always send some home with us. I still have pie baskets that she used to carry pies from home to the store. Thank you for posting this article and for the nice comments. We loved Gramma Krause very very much!

Pam Keller wrote: I am a great niece of Margaret’s. I’m not sure I remember the first restaurant, but definitely the second and the pies especially. I remember the billboard for Margaret’s on the way from Zelienople to Ellwood City. I would love to read anything memories any one as I am trying to put together a family history. the rest of the family will laugh about this because i am always making big plans but they take a long time to materialize.

Linda Sue “Schmitt” deHaro wrote: I remember Great Aunt Margaret so well. Not the the restaurant but I will never forget her. She loved all of us so very much. We would drive up from Pittsburgh to Ellwood City and I remember passing the playground and then I would see the red steps and knew we were almost to the house. Great Aunt Margaret always made my favorite cake, Banana Cake Clock and she used black licorice for the hands on the clock and the hours. Yum! Great memories of a very wonderful lady we all miss very much!

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  1. I know I wrote on Margaret’s restaurant before, but I love seeing the picture of the restaurant. I remember my parents and I eating there; food was always good and the pies were so very good!!!!!!!!!!! Again, thanks for the picture and memories.

  2. Margaret also made wonderful bread. I grew up not far from the Fourth Street house and my mother would send me there to buy a loaf of her home made bread.

    1. I don’t remember your name, but I’m pretty sure you were related to my loving Father, Ralph.
      I’m also sure he visited this restaurant many times in his youth.
      He was laid to rest with Military Honors on October 27th 2017
      Renée ~ his beloved daughter.

  3. I wrote a long time ago about my time in Margaret’s. It was not when Margaret owned it though. Which, after reading these posts about the pie, I’m sorry to say it wasn’t. My time there was when Linda and I first came back to Ellwood in the early 90’s and Easy was the owner. What I wrote was my wanting to be respectful to Easy and saying hello and how much I enjoyed going to the Twin-Kiss as a kid with friends and dates. He responded with, “you’re probably one of the people who took my mugs.” He was right I did take a couple like everyone else had done. I laugh it off, but to be honest it made me sorry I said anything to him.

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