Jayhawk Restaurant

Since starting the website in 2008 the three most requested topics that I have not been able to provide pictures of are Nick’s Snack Bar in Ewing Park, the interior of the movie theaters lobby’s, and pictures of the Jayhawk Restaurant. Nick’s as you may know was located where the present brick building remembered today as Park Pharmacy sits. The Jayhawk Restaurant, for those that don’t know, sat at the present site of the PNC Bank drive-through on Lawrence Avenue.
I have heard stories of the Jayhawk, well actually more of the bus station at the Jayhawk, but for one reason or another people remember the Jayhawk Restaurant. It might just be the memories of catching the bus there, the roast beef sandwiches, or we have heard it was quite the teenage hangout in its day. Whatever the reason, the Jayhawk still has a place in many from Ellwood City’s heart.

    The only picture I have been able to locate of the Jayhawk is the picture Bud Dimeo took in the summer of 1958 for the Ellwood City Ledger. The Restaurant itself is not very visible but you can see the building and the Ashland gas station that was owned by tom Ferruchie at the time. If you come across a picture of the Jayhawk, or of the theaters or Nick’s, please share as I can tell you first hand, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. We ate at the Jayhawk a lot!!! My Mom and I would go first and order for my Dad and in between haircuts he would come and eat then go back to the barber shop. And I still remember the woman who made pies there. She won a lot of Blue Ribbons at one of the local fairs for her pies. And all the waitresses wore those large fancy hankies on their uniform. Those were the days and when people wore hair nets in the food industry.

    Don, too bad you can’t see the color of the car and know if it was your Dad’s.

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