Ellwood vs Midland 1935

      The above photograph as it appeared in the Ellwood City Ledger was taken after Ellwood City’s first touchdown against Midland in 1935. The extra point was the first of three that Saturday afternoon as Ellwood City blanked Midland 21-0. As a result of the win at Lincoln Field, Ellwood City improved their record to 5-1 on their way to the Beaver County football championship compiling an overall record of 8-1-1.

I am guessing the large wooden structure at the corner of the end zone was where the band sat during the games(?). As this was the first of three touchdowns on the day, I have to ask, if this is where the band sat, where is the band? Seating was at a premium as you can tell from the folks standing outside the fence (two to three deep at spots) and those sitting on the roof of First Christian Church. Maybe it was close to halftime and they are warming up the instruments.

On a side note, it is odd to see so few trees along Summit Avenue at the top of the picture.

football field

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  1. My thought is maybe this touchdown was at the end of the first half and the band was getting ready to perform?

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