Ellwood City Blue Angels

I would really like to thank Jayne Bates for taking the time to send in these pictures of the Ellwood City Blue Angels. The first picture is of the 1970 Ellwood City Blue Angels and she even took the time to scan in the back of the picture where a young Walter Bates had written all the names of the players. I apologize if I misspelled any of the names.

20 Scott Markle                      60 Mark Belissimo

21 Lou Valvano                      30     Brant

21 Rick Kookanauto             5  Randy Conti

28 Mark Valvano                    70 Bob Galaher

62 Dana Stevenson              80  Richudy

15 Kevin Conti                       37 John Geneveva

17 John Santillo                 23 Ted Cicozy

29 Jim Fotia                       25 Pat Perrone

24 Tommy                           50 Larry

10 Dave Atavia                       44 Greg Sylvestry

34 Walter Bates                      88 Joe Delionardo

31 David Bates                       34 Jim Galagher

61 Rick Matuchi                 Tom Santillo

72 Steve Veres                           Joe Funari

71 Sam Fotia                       Dave Houlic

26 Tony DeCarbo                   78 Vince Viccuri

51 Tim Mondell                         CJ Stein

13 Todd Palony                         Tony Funari

68 Allen Cumo

Managers: Nicky C., Rick Sc., Joe A., Jimmy Sp., & Rick Shc.

Coaches: Eriney, Ed, Bill, Pete, Mike, & Sam

 This picture includes Ed Fausnaught as coach tall guy back middle. Third from the left is Pete Petrocola with Sam Costa between Pete and Ed. Ang Ottoviano is beside Ed on the right and Ted Ciccozzi is in front of Ed Fausnaught. David Ottavani is the guy third row from back left with his eyes closed behind Robert Bates. Robert is the big guy with glasses, number forty something. David 43 And Walter Bates 62, Bill Moczan 82, and coach Coach Bob Timerman.

Prior to formation of the Little Wolverines, the Blue Angels were Ellwood’s little league football before becoming Packers which was eighth and ninth grade I have been told. We would really enjoy hearing your memories about the Blue Angels. Please share your memories below or email me at info@ellwoodcitymemories.com

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  1. I remember going to the games in the early 70’s to watch my brothers Louie and Mapes Valvano play. The picture brought back such great memories of sitting in the bleachers at Helling stadium with friends and family cheering my brothers and family friends on. I can still see my “skinny” brother Louie running his heart out! Thank you so much for sharing the picture.

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