Ellwood Ambulance Service

The Ellwood Ambulance Service’s station was on the corner of Fourth Street and Crescent Avenue which was formally the base of operations for Undertaker W.D. Porter and would later become Gene’s Flower Shop. Owner Pete Orlando started the Ambulance business that served Ellwood City and surrounding area for many years, saving many, many lives. Some of the employees pictured include El Jenkins, Larry Chappell, Tim Stevenson, and John Court. Eventually Joe Tomon purchased the Ambulance Service from Mr. Orlando and after awhile took on another partner from Evans City. The new partnership would become Medevac and still serves the area today.
If you know any of the other employees pictured or have any memories of the old Ellwood Ambulance and the Ghostbuster ambulances, please leave a comment below or email me at info@ellwoodcitymemories.com.

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  1. 2nd picture up from the bottom. Left to right alongside the ambulance. Rich Rouse, Zeke Zikeli, Larry Chappell, Susan Morrow, Chuck Morrow, Pete DelBoverlando, Jean DelBoverlando. My parents ran ambulance when I was younger and I worked with Jeans Flower Shop for a bit in high school. Pete & Jean were good people.

  2. I wasn’t back there then, but know that Larry Chappell and crew drove to Buffalo New York to pick up my father who was dieing of cancer to bring him home where he wanted to be! Larry was a fixture with Ellwood Ambulance. He also snuck us into the high school games in the back of

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