Class of 1963 Listings

ECHS email list as of 02/21/2012

Patty Aiken Sparta

Jane Alfera Lawson

Cathy Allen Cox…

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Patricia Amalong Miller

Dick Anderegg

Donald R. Anderson

Milton Anderson

Barry Badger

Helen Barberio Lippert

George Barletta

Ronald Barrows

Rosalie Barsotti

Robert Bastian

Dave Bauder

Johanna Benjamin Applefield

Barbara Bentrim Kuba

Edward Berendt

Dana Bevan Darche

Janice Biega Chesko

Gary Bookamer

Richard Brown

Angeline Bucci Cogliano

James Burns

Denice Cable Pargeter

Margaret Carrozza Atkinson

Mary Esther Carsele

Jane Cherol

Francis Cortese Mitchell

George Curry

Sylvia D’Angelo Gaydosz

Amy DeCaria Shaffer

Janet Ceems Collette

Laurette DeTullio Gioffre

Grace Dombeck Geniviva

James Dowd

Robert Fike

Bob Flecken

Bob Flick

Anthony Florie

Sylvia Fox

Carolyn Fury Haydo

Ken Galbreath

Elaine Gallaher Bish

Sandra Gallaher

Barbara Gandy Johnson

Stan Gerson

Bob Gioffre

Charles Goebel

Marilyn Graham Winfrey

Judy Gross Curry

Sharyn Guy Deal

Marilyn ”Dusty” Harrison Minnocci

Joyce Hazen DeMarco

Randy Hennon

Georgia Herko Servick

Karen Hess Wallace

Richard Hockenberry

Virginia Hoenstine Badger

Andrea Hoffman Godla

Sally Hooker Baca

Linda Horton Tyler Armstrong

Karen Houk Abraham

James Hubenthal

Kathy Husing Symbala

Kathhy Ippolito Annderson

Becky Jacobs Bukac

Miriam Jones Johnson

Robert “Kip” Jones

Patty Kelly Foreman

Robert Kennedy

Ethel Ketterer Caccia

Mimi Kinney Frazzini

Susan Kirk Stayduhar

Nancy Kish Moses

Karen LaCava Lunn

John Lackey

Ann LaNeve Suhy

Joseph LaPatka

Robert Latiano

Nancy Leech Ilse

David LeLoup

Diana Leopardo DeJulia

Alan Liebendorfer

Judy Listorti Bokar

Don Lordo

Charles Maggi

James McAnallen

Judith McCkear Yekal

Robert McLaughlin

Debra Meddoff Sherman

Don Melfi

John Miller

Martin Minnocci

Phillip Morris

James Mundo

Susan Navolio

Jon Nelson

Marilyn Neve Boxtic

Jim Newton

David Pawlowski

Deidra Perrine Desport

Phyliss Perrone Engle

Barbara Pishioneri Porter

Martha Raschella

Marlene Ricciuti Ciampaglione

Christina Ritchie

Leslie Robinson Hubenthal

Margaret Ruby Pistacchio

Robert Ross

Bill Schuller

Robert Servick

Shirley Shablesky Odosso

Ted Simoff

Patricia Smith Tritt

Valarie Stoops

Catherine Straw Cotts

Rae Tomon Cable

Charlotte Tritt Yates

Sharen Tritt Weynan

Dennis Wallace

John Pat White

Cynthia Wilson Princeler

Chuck Wolfe

Alexander Wisbeth

Anthony Wolosyn

Linda Young Pflugfelder

Lou Zaccheo

Henrietta Zapadka Zinn

Henry Zapadka

Karla Zikeli Gorgas

Lou Zona

Whereabouts are these people?

Here’s are the names of classmates we’re trying to find along with their last known address. If you have any information please tell us Click Here to email  .  Thank you.

Barbara Bender Cooper,  1614 Debenez Houston, TX

Roseann Bennett Bonfield,  138 Deer Ln Ellwood

Glenda Blythe Martin,  Box 249 New Brighton

more… »

Michael Britt  Box 0   6218 6th Ave  Koppel

Charles Brown

Gary Brown

Peggy Cronin

Tom Dombeck    1255 Bainbridge Dr   Napervillel, IL

Norma Donnelly Latham   147 Marine Rd  Knoxville, TX

James Dougherty     358 Wilson Dr Wampum

Nancy Ann Fisher  RR#1  box199c   Springville, PA

Anita Frelin Bauer    5507 Turfwood Lane  Houston, TX

Kristinea Gamble

Holly Garroway Pazsint     6330 E.nMountain Goaag Ct  Wasilla. AL

Kathleen Gebhardt McClintick  520 station road Ellwood

Linda Gibbons   19308  Station Rd  Flushing, NY

Stephanie Graham   27 Forrest St   Randolf,  VT

William Chadwick Hale

Diana Hamptpn Cearfoss  702 sixth av  Ellwood

Gregory Haswell  212 Cobalt Ridge Rpad  Hollsborough, NC

Joyce Hemphill Wudske

Patty Hoover Henning

Charles Jackson

Becky James Garon

Fred Jeanette     100 E. Byers Ave  NewCastle

Sally Ketterer Walton  1190 Dutch Ridge Rd Ellwood

Kathy Kissick Kuntz   298 Kissick Lane  Ellwood

Gary Kraynak  613  first av  Ellwood

Kathy Kuban Carsele   318 Golf Ave  Ellwood

Carol Lambert Buzzelli     298 Knox Av   Ellwood

Judith Lucas Boyer          799   Manor Gate  Ctr   Columbus Ohio

John Mayberry      22654 Raven Way   Grand Terrace,  CA

Rita Marotti Laszlo    572 Slate Hill Dr   Worthington, Ohio

James McAnallen    6450 Diana Dr   Poland, Ohio

Mary McKissick Lauve

Donna McQuiston    241 Van Gorder Mill Rd  Ellwood

William Miskolczed     410 Shady DR    Beaver Falls,  PA

Roger Nye      308  Franklin Ave  Ellwood

Alice O’Brien  Firth

Ronald Paganni

Thomas Pander   8035 Notleyu Terrace  Blairsville  GA

Joseph Pasta

James Pazsint     Box 770871  Eagle River AL

Harriet Porter Vender   6226 Mandalay Cl   Naples, FL

Robert Powell   2312  Mary Goodwyn Rd  Powhatank   Virgnia

Thomas Prestoine

Margie Quigley Gerard   66 St.  Johns Woods Ave  Henderson, Nevada

Carol Rogers

Sara Rumbaugh Gecrgi

David Santillo  913 Haazel St  New Castle

Gayle Schantz  26837   Lake View Drive #11  Perrysville, Ohio

Rick Seaburn

Nicholas Sirianni    8602  Tiber Crest CT    Frisco  TX

Edward Small

William Smeltz  185 Hamill Rd  Indiana PA

Jack (John C) Smith      295  Clinton Rd   Brookline, MA

Kurt Steiner

Ronald Stiles   8130 Forestdale Dr.  Charlotte,   NC

James Tamelkoff   460 First Ave SW  Lot  #60   Brewster Ohio

Patrick Tavern       Fourth Ave  Beaver Falls

James Vince Tolomeo  Box 506648   San Diegp,  CA

Lanny Toth

Charles (Mike) Turok   746   Melody Lane     New Castle

Betty Twentier   910 Border Ave  Ellwood

Sandra Valvano Douglass    859 Mercer Rd Beaver Falls

Ken Walton     1190 Dutch Ridge Rd    Ellwood

Martha Wesley Lyles  611 Sweet Thorn Rd

Barbara Yoho Totty    1457   Highway 59   SW  Centerville,  Tenn

Virginia Yoho Totty      Rt #1 Box 133   Centerville,   Tenn

As of the “crash” there were 45 Comments to “Class of 1963 Listings”

Lou Zaccheo wrote:  Want to find Barbara Gandy….

Donald Anderson wrote: Kathy Gebhardt passed away, Ron Barrows passed, Gary Bookamer passed,

Lou Zaccheo wrote: Here’s a trivia question for you:

At the senior prom in 1963 two girls surprisingly showed up wearing the exact same dress. NO – I don’t mean that two girls fit into one dress and wore it to prom! Two girls showed up wearing two dresses of the same design. Who were they?

Hint: LJC

donald Anderson wrote: Lou, you got me stumped, how about another hint???????

R. Scott Mackey wrote:  For Lou Zaccheo:

I found two Barbara Gandy possibles:

Barbara G. Gandy Age: 65+

PO Box 181

Ellwood City, PA 16117-181

Sorry, but there is no phone listing.

Barbara J Gandy Age: 67

2134 Bentley Dr

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

(412) 471-2597  Good Luck!

Donald Anderson wrote: I looked at the picture at the top and wondered if anyone has an address for Jackie


Donald Anderson wrote: Someone needs to get some info to Carol Lambert

Stan Gerson wrote: What if the same 2 wear the same dress for the 50th reunion?

Do you think that would be as big a deal as when the were 18?

Hay! I hope everyone can come to the reunion July 5 and 6 in Ellwood City.

Hope to see you there.

Ernie Young wrote: I have spoken to Carol about this site. Whether or not she went on it, I know not. If I see her at the Giant Eagle, where she works, I will mention it again to her. I will ask her if she knows about the reunion you folks are planning also.

Stan it’s good to see your writing on here. Hope all is well with everyone.

Ernie Young wrote: To The 1963 Class of Lincoln High School:

Today while at the Giant Eagle I ask for Carol, but found out she wasn’t in. The woman I spoke to ask, if she could help me. I said, “it had to do with people from her class wanting to know if she knew of and if so, if she was planning on attending the up and coming class reunion”. She, the person I spoke with said, “she wasn’t sure”. She went on to say, “we have talked about it, but being that it’s the 4th of July weekend their plans were not made”. I said, “did you also graduate in 63?? And she responded, she had. Her name is Carol also, Carol Ferrigno. So in closing, contact has been made, but you’re still without an answer, sorry.

Stan Gerson wrote: If you heard about the class of 63 reunion and want more information just email me. or call me 818-489-2180

Judy Gross Curry wrote: Just wondering if you can’t attend both nights of the reunion is the price the same.

Jim Hardie wrote: Here’s to the Class of 1963 as you celebrate 50 years as Alumni of Lincoln High School. Hope the years have been kind and God Bless!!!! Jim Hadie “64?

Ernie Young wrote: Very well put Jimmie. You speak for me and I’m sure others, as well, who enjoy this site and the stroll down through the memories of our youth, it brings back to mind.

Jo Ann (Miller) Oxsen wrote: I too want to add my congratulations to the Class of ’63 – have good memories of a boyfriend and many other friends in that class. If I were in E.C. and not Arizona, I might even have considered crashing the ’63 Class Reunion 🙂

Stan Gerson wrote: I checked the rules and found nowhere that the class before or after us could not crash. 🙂

Diane Raffetto hill wrote: I, like Jo Ann, want to add my congratulations to the Class of 1963. Have a wonderful reunion. I am hoping that our class of 1964 is starting to make plans for ours. Fiifty years is something to brag about. Being in South Carolina, I feel that any help I could give towards the reunion would be limited, but I am cerrtainly wiilling to do anything I can do to help.

Hank Zapadka wrote: Ernie, if you want to crash the reunion I will hold the door open for you! Do you recall me? Many years ago when a few of us returned from southeast Asia (Bob Pezzi, Ernie Funari, etc.) you referred to as “Bones.” I never forgot that and it still puts a smile on my face. Best wishes. -Hank Zapadka

Ernie Young wrote: Hank I do remember you quite clearly. I also remember when you guys returned from the war. However, the Bones comment I can’t remember, but I’m sure I said it. Pez and I were very close friends back then and I was certainly glad to see him. His Uncle John Pezzi would also repeat the story, each time he saw me, of me picking Pez up on Crescent Ave. and spinning around in the middle of the street. You were always quite the nice guy to us lowly sophomores in 63. I think I also remember playing pool at Mike’s with you. Am I correct on that? I worked, after high school, with your Uncle Hank at the National Tube. If memory serves it was in the new Stainless Dept.. I hope all is well.

Hank Zapadka wrote: Ernie you and I played pool many times at Mike’s. In those days Mike’s pool room was more of a meeting/gathering place than what was the typical stereotype of a seedy establishment. Try to crash the reunion; I would really like to see you again. Take care.

Dave Larson wrote: Question for Ernie and Hank: Do either of you remember whether the following deceased Viet Nam veteran attended BVM school?

Listorti, Joseph A. LCPL USMC 1964-1967 KIA, Viet Nam

Ernie Young wrote: That is a good question Dave. I see his sister around town, and when next I see her I will ask. In the meantime someone else, who enjoys this site, may know. Joey was a great guy. Fun loving and always with a smile on his face. We were distant cousins, but better friends. He grew up around the corner from Frank Port’s Store on 8th. St.. I remember his Mom always sitting outside against the building on warm summer days. His death, in that conflict, was a real loss to all who knew him. Larry Boyer was another friend who we loss over there. I knew Larry from sports and through my cousin Drew Szabo who went to Riverside with him. I was working in the National Tube with Larry when he signed up and left for the Marines. He, like Joey, was a great kid and was very much missed when he fell. Larry and Joey’s pictures hang, with a number of Ellwoodian’s who gave the last full measure on one battlefield or another throughout America’s history, in the Municipal Building. I believe they still hang there today, at least I hope so.

Donald Anderson wrote: Ernie, I would have to say yes to Daves question.

Dave Larson wrote: Ernie, Don…thanks for your input on Joseph Listorti. I will have my wife scout around for my 3rd grade class photo from BVM. Any other comments on Joe’s attendance there would be helpful, including what Joe was like. Would he have been a shy, quiet kid? Dave Larson

Donald Anderson wrote: Dave, I didn’t know Joe personally but remember him quite well as his sister went to school with me. I remember he had dark (black) hair and wore it in a flat top and had a great smile.

Ernie Young wrote: Joey was a pretty good baseball player. He player for Coach Spellman. You had to be pretty good to make those ranks. Joey was also a good friend. He had a great sense of humor, as I remember. Like I said he always had a big smile on his lips. He was happy to be alive. Now I have to say this about Joey, “he was never shy and quiet.” What year would you have been in 3rd grade at BVM?

Kathy Annecillo Brown wrote: Yes, Joey Listorti went to BVM…he graduated with my 8th grade class in 1960

Dave Larson wrote: Ernie, Don, Kathy…thanks.

Kathy, if Joe Listorti graduated 8th grade in 1960, that means he graduated high school in 1964. Those years match with my school years. Ernie, I would have attended BVM from Kindergarden 1951-52 until some time in 3rd grade 1954-55. After BVM I attended North Side Elementary and then Hartmann for 7th grade in the 1958-59 school year. The detail on Joe’s black hair helps.

Coincidence for the detail-minded: Joe was killed in Quang Tin Province in August 1967. Per the “Virtual Wall,” the site of heavy fighting. The province capital, the town of Tam Ky, is where the line company I was in during the summer of 1969, just north of Tam Ky at LZ Goldie, turned over all its trucks to the ARVN engineering unit based at Tam Ky. That was in the Spring of 1970. Part of “Operation Last Chance” designed to “Vietnamize” the war.

For as long as I can remember BVM, I remember a kid with black hair sitting at a desk along a wall of windows looking out on the playground where we had recess. Will work at finding that 3rd grade picture. The only name I can remember in that 3rd grade class with me is Bill Bresnahan. I believe that is because Bresnahan, like me, was “bused in” as a member of St. Agatha’s parish. For anyone reading this who attended BVM at that time, I transferred to North Side Elementary for either sleeping on the bus home (and ending up back at the school) or for throwing up on Sister Zita. Sick, I raised my hand to got to the rest room. She told me to wait until the bell rang. I couldn’t. Ran for the door. She blocked me, like in a football play…and took a direct hit in the habit. I should be dismayed by that, instead of proud. I have my faults. Dave

Kathy Annecillo Brown wrote: Dave, Joey did graduate Lincoln in 1964. Although I had moved to Ohio in 1962 therefore not graduating from Lincoln in 1964, I remember him so well from BVM. I have the 1960 “yearbook” from BVM and the 1964 Lincoln yearbook and Joey’s picture is in both. If you don’t have access to either of those, I could probably scan to your email. Kathy

Kathy Annecillo Brown wrote: Dave, I forgot to mention that Bill Bresnahan was in my BVM classes and graduated in 1960 as well. I am, of course, still laughing at your BVM experiences…I remember Sister Zita! Also, thank you for the info on Joey and Vietnam…and for your service during the Vietnam war and keeping us all safe, I thank you. Kathy

Dave Larson wrote: Kathy, putting two and two together, if I got it right, you would have been attending BVM the same time that I was. So would we, you and I, have been in the same 3rd grade class?

I serve that up as a question because my recollection it that there was only one 3rd grade class at BVM. Unlike North Side Elementary which, with the help of Jim Hardie’s memory, I know had more than one class per grade level, I don’t remember the set up at BVM. I often use the phrase “next thing they’ll be asking for is my 3rd grade test scores” using 3rd grade as a threshold of simplicity. Kathy, it would be cool to know that somebody from 3rd grade besides me is still alive and well. In a minute I will give reference to Ohio.

Thank you for the kind words about service. What I feel is special about Ellwood City is the significance of one town giving up so many of its fine young men to that war. I think it was 1980 when I discovered the names, including Joseph Listorti’s, on that plaque in front of the church over in the Circle. In 1981, after taking my daughter to start at the University of Michigan, I took my wife by to see the memorial and the town. Then, when Leslie Sabo was awarded the Medal of Honor last year, to learn that he died in Cambodia the day I got home, May 9th in the States, May 10, 1970 (South East Asia time), I got the point. There are commonalities not because the veterans knew each other, but because they came from the same small town.

Now, to how small this world is. You live in Ohio. Jim Hardie lives in Ohio. My oldest daughter Katie’s fiance’s family lives in Ohio near Jim. Her fiance, Eric, did his undergraduate work at Kent State. He’s only 30 years old, not born yet when I came home from the war. Four students were killed at Kent State that May. To me it was a life-changing event. The Sgt. who put us on the bus at Travis AFB after out-processing, to go to the Seattle airport and fly home, said “be careful…there may be trouble on the way because of those Kent State shootings.” News to me. I ended my tour in Viet Nam as a “Radar” type clerk for an Engineer battalion’s S-1. Soft job. Glad to get home to air conditioning.

To learn they are shooting college students back home…what’s that about? So when you take those names and go backwards from 1970 when Leslie Sabo was killed, Ellwood City made no small contribution to those times. Ellwood City WAS those times. You read the comments from guys like Ernie Young, class of 1964, and Donald Anderson, class of 1963, and get your memory refreshed about the skating rink, the custard stand, the Dairy Queen, Ewing Park, the bridge in Frisco…that’s what was going on, happin’ in Ellwood City. Those KIA boys did not get a chance to remember and reflect as we do now.

Someone submitted a photo that Ben published of a 1967 parade. We know that Joe Listori would have missed that event. Look at the picture, think of the town and the times, and you will get the true nature of Ellwood City’s spirit.

Kathy Annecillo Brown wrote: Dave, yes and no on us being in the same 3rd grade class at BVM. I was at BVM K thru 2nd, then on to St. Mary’s in New Castle for 3rd and 4th…. then back to BVM through 8th. My dad was from New Castle, worked for Rockwell in New Castle (the same job that moved us to Ohio in 1962 right before my Junior year at Lincoln). My mom was from Ellwood. They wanted to give New Castle a try since it would be closer for my dad’s work. They decided that they much preferred Ellwood (YAY!)so we moved back. Soooo, if I hadn’t moved, yes, we would have been in the same class. Did you just attend BVM for the 3rd grade only?

Although all of my aunts and uncles are no longer with us, I still have a couple of cousins still in Ellwood. I go back as often as possible and have stayed in touch with many of the “kids” I went to school with (both BVM and Lincoln.) The girls get together every other month and I try to get back for that as often as possible. It’s a 3 1/2 hour drive so I try to spend a couple of days to get that “Ellwood City Spirit fix” that I need!

I grew up on Todd Ave and have the best memories of my childhood. Ellwood will always be my home, no question about it!

Donald Anderson wrote: Kathy, I worked at Rockwell Axle Div. Started in ’68 thru ’71 when we went on strike and they fired over 200 of us. Did your dad work there at that time? Don

Kathy Annecillo Brown wrote: Don, Yes he did but we were in Ohio by then. He was with the Axel Division as well but we moved to Newark,Ohio in 1962. It is now called Meritor and is still here but I have not been hearing good things about it’s future….hello Mexico 🙁 (My dad was retired from there and passed away in 1999 so he did have good years before everything “hit the fan” so to speak!) I know I was young and made it difficult for my parents but it sure was a bad time to move a teenager away from all of her friends. But his job came to Ohio with or without choice really!

Patty Amaloong wrote: I did not see Gayle Schantz name on list. Here is the last address I have for her

Gayle Schantz Veres

28161 Glenwood Road

Perrysburg, OH 43551

Stan Gerson wrote: Patty, I mailed Gayle an invitation the moment I got your communication .

Denise Cable Pargeter wrote: I wonder what ever happened to Chad Hale? Anyone ever see him since graduation?

BTW my address is 520 Smithville Rd., Southampton, NJ 08088; phone 609-841-9214

Ernie Young wrote: To Donnie, Stan, Hank and all of you young men and women of the Lincoln High School Class of 1963.

Just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a wonderful memory filled couple days and nights, when you meet in a couple weeks. From what I have read on here, there will be quite of few of you attending.

It’s truly hard to believe how many years have passed since you shared precious moments doing one thing or another in the halls of LHS, and how fast time has pasted in getting here.

In closing let me say, on a personal note, it’s been fun for me reading the posts from all of you and the memories that you have brought back to this lowly once sophomore after seeing your names and then looking up your pictures in my Ellwoodian.

Once again have a great time and thank you very much for the invitation to crash. It was greatly appreciated.

Donald Anderson wrote: I remember our senior year and some of the things that made us the class of ’63 like taking yo-yos to school and playing with them from one class to another, driving Mr. Taggart crazy which led to a ban of yo-yos sooooo…the next day we brought marbles and would bounce them as we went from class to class. CRAZY !!!! And I remember our class saying ” Ho Dad” and we even had a class face (which I’m making at this moment). These are only a few of the things that made us the Class of ’63 and part of what made us what we are today.

Hank Zapadka wrote: Ernie, thanks for the very kind words. I hope to see you when you “crash!” Regards, Hank.

Donald Anderson wrote: Hank, Ernie says that he doesn’t go to his reunions and he won’t crash ours. I even invited him over the phone. Don

Ernie Young wrote: Donnie, you make me sound like a villain in not excepting. It’s your time, not mine. As i wrote, I do appreciate you and Hank extending the invitation.

My fun will be to read on here about who you saw, what you remembered and the fun you had enjoying each others company. Maybe I’ll get real lucky and someone will send the group picture to Ben and he’ll post it for all to see.

I, like you all, know you can never go back. However, maybe Stan will be able to make an illusion that will, for a brief moment, allow you to see Lawrence Ave., as it stood during the spring of 1963. That spring day when you all threw your caps in the air, after hearing your commencement had come to an end, and the wonderful feeling you felt joining the ranks of those who passed before you, as graduates of Lincoln High School. That feeling, of which I write, that filled your hearts back then, was tempered only with the apprehension, of what lay ahead.

To all of you, “enjoy your precious moments” from a graduate of “1965?.

Donald Anderson wrote: Ernie, Sorry I didn’t mean to make you feel like a villain.

3 thoughts on “Class of 1963 Listings”

  1. Sorry I couldn’t make the 50th reunion. Hope you all had a good time. Mailing address update since we moved to Jacksonville, FL.
    4559 Carriage Crossing Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32258.

    Our family has kept us a little busy. We grew from two to three in the 1990’s and then to six in 2007. The last three are from Ukraine. We presently have 1 former US Army, 1 Navy Chief, 1 US Army Medical Corp, and 1 waiting to go into the Marines, 1 married and we lost 1 in 2011 to cancer. Still alive but not teaching anymore. In law enforcement now.

  2. John —I thank you for all you and yours have done for me and mine in the way of protecting us and our freedom. I feel I speak for all of us who love the Memories Site. Life has kept you jumping for sure.
    God Bless You All.

  3. Joy (Cable) Houk passed away after a lengthy battle with breast cancer. She was sixty-eight years old. She is survived by her husband Greg, daughter Amanda and son Brian. She had many fond memories of Ellwood City and her many friends. Joy moved to Illinois in the early seventies where she raised her family.

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