Before the Plaza

       This is what a section of a corner at the Mercer Road and the Ellwood-Zelienople Road intersection looked like on October 22, 1980, before construction of the Franklin Township Plaza started. The highway to the far left is Ellwood-Zelienople Road, in the left center in the background is North Star School and at the right in the background is the Ellwood Knitting Mills facility.
       The second picture is less than a year later. The corner of Mercer Road and Ellwood-Zelienople Road intersection would forever look different as construction work is almost completed on the plaza. Still visible is the North Star School in the background, but the Ellwood Knitting Mills facility is hidden by the plaza. At least five businesses were scheduled to open within the next month inside the plaza. After initial construction, there would be facilities for up to eleven businesses.

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  1. I wrote about this farm on the site that was lost. Again:

    My maternal grandparents, Simon and Jennie Drotleff owned or rented this farm the late 1930s, before buying a farm west of Wampum, near New Galilee. They referred to this as “The Fisher Farm”. The brick farmhouse and barn stood on Mercer Road, just to the right of the area in the pictures. Grandpa worked as a pattern maker at Aetna Standard before retiring in the early 1940s. He always kept a dairy farm until dying in 1949. My mother and most of her siblings attended North Star School.

    Strangely, in the first picture, at the top center there is an open area in the trees. This is Locust Grove Cemetery. At the right end is the mausoleum. Simon and Jennie Drotleff are buried just to the left of that building.

    The farm across Zelienople road belonged to Dan Stamm and the one on the southwest corner belonged to John Kimmich. John Kimmich owned the “Kimmich Tire Shop” on Sixth St. near Beaver Ave. He grew and sold some fine vegetables and corn. He also invented and marketed “The Kimmich Mouse”, a popular and now valuable antique fishing lure.

  2. John Kimmich was my great-grandfather. I have tons of old photos of him and his family growing up on their Beaver County farm. I love hearing stories about him…they’re always entertaining. He was a pretty funny guy from what I’ve heard. Unfortunately, I never got to meet him as he dies almost 2 years before I was born.

  3. Does anyone know if one of the initial stores that were set to open was a Krogers? I just moved to the area and remember the square light post with a big k on it. I don’t think it was giant eagle, No one believes me

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