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Perry Elementary School

Hello, this year Perry Elementary school is celebrating an anniversary. I have been asked to ask you if you have any pictures of Perry Elementary School; inside, outside, classes, whatever. The committee’s looking for any and all pictures involving Perry. Please let me know. 

Please email me at


Nick’s Snack Bar (Finally)

I recently received an email from Sandy Host with some very exciting pictures of her father’s shop Nick’s Snack Bar included. I am very grateful for her taking the time to scan these pictures in and for her even describing each picture so we know what we are looking at. Thank you so much Sandra for helping keep the memories of your father Nick Calabria alive with all of us.
Without any further delay, in Sandy’s own words…
Nick’s Snack Bar 

These are some of the original waitresses (counter girls). I don’t remember all the names but, left to right
(?), Theresa Gottuso, Grace Gottuso, Rosina Nocera, (? ), Ida Nocera, (?)
One of the little league teams who came to be “treated” after winning their game. My Dad would give the winning team members a free hot dog and soda after every game. You can see a “special” on the chalk board behind the team. Usually the pop would be an additional 5 cents.
My Dad, Nick Calabria, in his usual position behind the counter. There was another counter that opened into the “rec” room to the right of where my Dad is standing. The large grill where his hot dogs and sausages were cooked is to his left.
Nick with a regular customer, to their right is a chalk board where the names of those “barred” from the store were posted along with their term!
My Father and Mother, Ellen Calabria, sitting in a booth, one of which lined the walls of the “rec” room.
A typical group of kids, maybe a bit younger than usual, that posed for a photo before or after a party in the Rec center.
Outside photo of the building with our apartment above.
Four of the dozen or so counter girls in the middle years of the snack bar.

Thank you again Sandy. I can not wait to hear the flood of memories these pictures may unlock. Please leave your memories below in the comment section.

More Nick’s Snack

I have been trying to track down pictures of Nick’s Snack Bar for some time. Luckily, I received an email from the grandson of Nick Calabria, M. H. Lines (Bunny’s son). When his grandmother passed away a few years ago, they found a box of the old order note pads from the Snack Bar. Thankfully he decided to share a picture of them in case it brought memories back to anyone 🙂

Thank you M.H. Lines

Chippy’s 1948-49 City Basketball Champs Photo

Mr. Thom Tammaro recently shared this picture of his father Bob Tammaro’s 1948 City Basketball team, the 1948-49 Championship Team Chippy’s. Mr Tammaro was able to identify some of the players including his father Bob. If you can identify any of the other players, please leave a comment below.

Botton row, seated: Pete Greco ??? Holding Ball: Chuck DeMato(?) ??? ???
Back Row, standing: ??? ??? Bob Tammaro ??? ??? ??? Jimmy Fusco(?)
Coach standing on left: ??? Coach & sponsor standing on right: Chippy Ventriglia

First United Methodist

The First United Methodist Church was organized one year after Henry W. Hartman founded Ellwood City. The land for the church on Fourth Street and Park Avenue was donated by Hartman’s organization, the Pittsburg Company. After only twenty-five years, the building became inadequate for the number of members that attended the church. On August 2, 1925 the church acquired prime real estate in the young town on Crescent Avenue between Fourth and Fifth Street. The original building along Park Avenue was sold to the Blessed Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church.

     The United Methodist Church is under the direction of the Reverend James A. Cannistraci and continues to be a presence in the community.
The Cub Scouts of America have used the basement of the church as their den for years and I look forward to the Wednesday’s during the winter as the church offers some of the best homemade soup for lunch.
If you have a story you would like to share about the Methodist Church in Ellwood City, please share your memories below or email me at info@ellwoodcitymemories.comFirst United Methodist

Good Old Helling Stadium

Scott Mackey sent me this picture awhile back and it has unleashed an avalanche of memories for me personally, more so perhaps than maybe any other picture I have received. The old football field and track were like a second home to me.

Looking at this picture and seeing the old football practice field made me start to sweat just sitting here at my desk. All of a sudden I can taste that dirt where grass was supposed to be, smell the practice jerseys that never got washed (ever), and I can feel the sun beating down on me during those two-a-day practices during camp.
A long time ago I used to play football here occasionally but practiced here a lot. In just a matter of seconds I can see things that are not pictured. I can see the tackling dummies lined up for “Oklahoma” drills, the coach at the top of the bleachers filming, the “pretty boys” (quarterbacks, wide receivers, and running backs) at one end of the practice field playing catch and having a good ol’ time while the “hogs” (linemen) are down at the other end working (guess which I was).
Just typing that paragraph above, more memories keep flooding in that I have tried so hard to suppress. Flashbacks of pushing the seven man sled up and down the field and all the different drills we used to do for practice on that dry dirt field and sadly I have to admit that I miss it. I did not enjoy it then, but in some weird way I do miss it.
Looking at the old bleachers set up, the visitor stands are bigger than the home stands today. With all the regulations in place for bleachers (each step can only be so high, no openings, etc…) there was not enough space to go as big as these old bleachers. I remember running up and down those bleachers for track and for football and at the time they felt as those home bleachers were as high as the ones in Happy Valley. Well maybe not that high but they sure felt like it.
I could go on and on but I want to hear your memories also. Whether they are memories of the before mentioned practice field, the cinder 300 meter track that was deemed to un-safe for track meets in the mid 90’s, the concession stand that seemed to be open all year round (opposite corner of picture), the state of the art lockers rooms that visiting teams refused to use, the way the wooden bleachers would bounce in the student section, watching a football game and dropping something through the bleachers and having to go find it in the rocks underneath, or even perhaps some of the great football games, soccer games, powder puff games, sixth grade Olympics, renowned half-time shows or even one of the record breaking track meets that took place here. Please share your memories below or email me at
Helling StadiumThank you again to Scott Mackey for supplying the stroll down memories lane.

United Tube Fire 1944

United Tube BlazeFrom the Daily Times April 14, 1944
Approximately three hundred war workers were thrown out of work Thursday when a fire leveled the United Tube Corporation’s plant in West Spring Avenue Ellwood City, causing damage estimated by Assistant Fire Chief Arthur Duncan at $150,000 to $175,000.

         Believed to have started in the welding department, the fire spread rapidly and was reportedly beyond control when the fire department arrived. A number of persons were working at the time, but none was hurt.
The building, approximately 300 feet long and 50 feet wide, was leveled and numerous pieces of equipment were rendered utterly useless. Borough firemen were aided by members of the National Tube company plant fire department.

Ellwood vs Midland 1935

      The above photograph as it appeared in the Ellwood City Ledger was taken after Ellwood City’s first touchdown against Midland in 1935. The extra point was the first of three that Saturday afternoon as Ellwood City blanked Midland 21-0. As a result of the win at Lincoln Field, Ellwood City improved their record to 5-1 on their way to the Beaver County football championship compiling an overall record of 8-1-1.

I am guessing the large wooden structure at the corner of the end zone was where the band sat during the games(?). As this was the first of three touchdowns on the day, I have to ask, if this is where the band sat, where is the band? Seating was at a premium as you can tell from the folks standing outside the fence (two to three deep at spots) and those sitting on the roof of First Christian Church. Maybe it was close to halftime and they are warming up the instruments.

On a side note, it is odd to see so few trees along Summit Avenue at the top of the picture.

football field

Birthday Party

“ The Lincoln High School Class of 64 is having a 70th Birthday Year Picnic on Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016 at 3 P.M. at the Ellport Community Park.  Cost is $10 per person.  Please send your check to Tona McElwain, 504 Morningstar Drive, Ellwood City, PA   16117.  For additional information, e-mail or call 724-758-3818.”
Thank you,
Mollie Prestopine

Rocco Building Gone and almost forgotten

long-goneRocco Building Gone and almost forgotten. Here is a picture of a structure I have had a difficult time tracking down where it was once located. I was originally told that the building was known as the “Rocco Building” located on Second Street near Division Avenue. However, the background doesn’t really match that description. The building on the left in the background is too far away to be the Workingman’s Social Club as this building sat on the corner of a tree-lined street as you can see on the left. Also it looks like the left of the building is a field of some sort. The picture was taken a couple of days before being torn down.

There have been a number of Rocco’s in Ellwood City and two or three Rocco’s corner grocery stores; this could be one I don’t doubt but I do not know where.

The Rocco Building was razed in the summer of 1974. If you remember this store, please share your memories below or email me at