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Perry Elementary School
“Hello, this year Perry Elementary school is celebrating an anniversary. I have been asked to ...”
Birthday Party
““ The Lincoln High School Class of 64 is having a 70th Birthday Year Picnic ...”
Changing Landscape
“This picture from the Ellwood City Ledger was recently given to me for the website ...”
Tube Mill Main Gate
“ Driving up Spring Avenue to the intersection on First Street you see one of ...”
Ellwood City 100 Years Ago
“I decided to repost one of my favorite articles on the web site. The post ...”
The Legend of Blue Pond
“ When heading into Rock Point Park, shortly after crossing the railroad tracks there is ...”
Early Football Legends
“ Most people in Ellwood City that follow football on the High School level are ...”
1950 Ellwood City Football
“Ernie recently gave me a copy of a picture some of you might recognize as ...”
1922 Ellwood City High School Foot Ball Team
“Jo Ann Oxsen from Kingman, Arizona came across a stack of old yearbooks and shared ...”
1916 Football Team Picture
“     I have been asking for any team pictures from the area and ...”
Big Jim MacMurdo
“James Edward MacMurdo was born in Ellwood City September 2, 1909. Known more commonly as ...”
Pete Gaydosz Store
“Here is a little Histories Mystery for you. Does anyone remember Pete’s? I am not ...”
View of Burnstown
“     This picture is from a collection of pictures that were recently shared with ...”
Champions of the Beaver County Baseball League
“In 2012, Ellwood City won its fifth WPIAL Championship but those are not the only ...”
Trinity Lutheran Church
“ The First Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church originally opened its doors October 28th, 1900 on ...”
U.S. Steel Conference Table
“ In 1894, the Swiss-born engineer Ralph C. Stiefel came to the Ellwood City from ...”
Tombstones on Beaver Avenue
“ I was recently shown a newspaper article from the Ellwood City Ledger that was ...”
Building the Fifth Street Bridge
“ I am always very appreciative to all those who have shared pictures with Ellwood ...”
Second Street Overpass
“ All along the Ellwood Short-line large crowds gathered to see the funeral train of ...”
Building Country Club Bridge
“ There are seven bridges across the Connoquenessing Creek in the Ellwood City area but ...”
VanGorder Beach
“Our gratitude goes out to Jonica Walters who took the time to help by filling ...”
The Ellwood City Public Library
“ The superintendent of the Ellwood City High School, C.F. Becker began the process to ...”
Ellwood City Packers
“Do you recall those special signs in Ellwood City that fall was coming? The grass ...”
7-L Building
“ On January 27, 1982 the 7-L building on the corner of Seventh Street and ...”
Pe Wee’s Lunch
“ We have learned that Ellwood City has been home to hundreds of different businesses ...”
Nick’s Snack Bar
“One of the most mentioned business in Ellwood City we have heard about since we ...”
Park Gate School 1949-50
“ The 1949-50 school year at Park Gate School included the following sixth, seventh and ...”
Wurtemburg Coronet Band
“ Pat Downer shared with us this picture of the Wurtemburg Coronet Band from the ...”
Majestic Theater Fire
“ It was almost 11:30 AM on a very cold January morning in 1984 when ...”
James D. Ansell Gymnastics Teams
“ In recognition of an exceptional Gymnastic Coach that established one of the most competitive ...”
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
“The Independent Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.) is a fraternal organization that split from the ...”
Christ Presbyterian Church Fire
“On a cold and rainy Sunday morning tragedy struck the beautiful stone Christ Presbyterian Church ...”
The Great 1910 Wampum Fire
“It was close to midnight on a Monday night when the peaceful night air was ...”
Keystone Die Fire
“ Late Wednesday evening on April 29th in 1959, the Keystone Die Factory burst into ...”
Railroad Crossing
“There have been a number of people that have shared their memories of the railroad ...”
Blochers Jewelers
“ Paul W. Blocher opened Blocher Jewelers and Silversmiths in the 600 block of Lawrence ...”
Ledger Building
“ The former single story stone and brick building on the corner of Ninth Street ...”
Boating on the Creek
“ There has been a recent effort to make the Connoquenessing Creek a usable waterway ...”
Shelby Social Club
“ In 1917, the National Tube Company (a subsidiary of United States Steel Corporation) opened ...”
Ellwood’s First Little League Team
“I posted an article on the first Little League Baseball League champions, the 1950 Moose ...”
635 Park Avenue – Dr. Silas Stevenson
“ Dr. Silas Stevenson built his home in 1891 on the Southeast corner of Park ...”
Chewton Slow Pitch Softball Team
“Louise Carroll wrote an article in the Ellwood City Ledger in June of 2009 about ...”
Knee Hi Championship Teams in the 1950's
“ In 1952, the Ellwood City Fraternal Order or Eagles Knee-Hi League team won the ...”
Old Purification BVM Roman Catholic Church
“This is a picture of the Purification BVM Roman Catholic Church as it looked in ...”
Mathews Conveyer
“According to, the Conveyer industry started around 1900 in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area by ...”
Solomon’s Dry Cleaning
“ Solomon’s on Sixth Street was a staple in the Ellwood City community for many ...”
Inter-Department Basketball League
“ Many that remember the Shelby Social Club on First Street vaguely remember the swimming ...”
Junior Church Basketball League
“Mr. Joseph “Joedy” Gardner of Peoria, Arizona shared with us this picture of the Bell ...”
Paving Crescent Avenue
“This picture was taken by Harry W. Horton who was the Assistant Borough engineer under ...”
1958 Merchants Champions
“       The 1958 Merchants league was a Legion league here in Ellwood ...”
Football in 1962
“I was saddened to see the recent obituary for a long time equipment manager for ...”
The Hospital in Ellwood City
“ Ms. Drake opened the first hospital in Ellwood City on the corner of Seventh ...”
Cost of Being Born in Ellwood
“There has been a lot more feedback from those born at the old Mary Evans ...”
523 Park Avenue
“ When you leave Lincoln High School from the “commons area” heading west on Park ...”
Hennon Family Farm
“ Camelia Stelter recently contacted me to see if I would be interested in the ...”
Road Rebels Car Club
“ The Road Rebels Car Club was founded about 1958-1959 by Al Schuller, Bob Henry ...”
Interior of the Hotel Lawrence
“ I have come across a dozen various pictures, postcards, and advertisements showing the outside ...”
Ellwood City East Side Switcher Crew
“ The Ellwood City East Side Switcher Crew switched cars from the B&O Railroad to ...”
United Steelworkers Local 1220
“ After thirty five years at 724 Lawrence Avenue, the United Steelworkers Local 1220 closed ...”
Matheny School
“ One of the oldest schools in the Ellwood city area is the Matheny School. ...”
Heroes Last Call
“      On December 4th 1989, for the first time in Ellwood City’s history, the town ...”
Elton Hotel
“I have had a number of people ask me if I had any pictures of ...”
Downtown Decorations
“ The street lights are decorated for Christmas with angels singing, Santa, garland, Christmas lights, ...”
Hardware Stores at Christmas
“ When you mention the old hardware store in town, most people still think of ...”
Hanging-Out at the Bowling Alley
“ Ellwood City had a few Duck Pin lanes in town, but as for actual ...”
Everyone Loves a Parade Part 2
“There are many reasons people go to the Ellwood City parades; to celebrate the holidays, ...”
Start of 1967 Parade
“I have received a number of pictures from the 1967 parade but this one might ...”
Easy’s Twin Kiss
“ Thank you to Mark Crepp and Ernie Young for sending me this picture that ...”
I.O.O.F. Parade
“ The picture here, we are told, is a picture of an I.O.O.F. funeral parade. ...”
1962 WPIAL Champions
“ Legendary baseball Coach Bill Spellman’s 1962 Lincoln High School squad won the WPIAL Championship. ...”
1925 Ellwood City’s Football Team
“Perhaps the greatest team of all time from our area is the undefeated Ellwood City ...”
1971 Soap Box Derby
“ Rick Scala recently found this picture, shared it with us, and has posted it ...”
1940's Parade
“      I received an email the other day from Mickey Franus who came ...”
1954 American LaFrance Pumper
“I want to express my gratitude to Kirk Zikeli of Zikeli Auto Repair on Clyde ...”
1944 Ellwood City Wolverines Football Team
“The first football team to go undefeated from Ellwood City since 1925 was the 1944 ...”
P&LE Parking Lot
“I had a friend email me this picture that looks like a Bud Dimeo photograph ...”
Dominant High School Sports Team in Ellwood City
“If you stop for a second and ask yourself what was the most dominant high ...”
Many Sets of Tracks
“ As we mentioned in one of our most popular posts “Ellwood City 100 Years ...”
Map of 1894
“These maps are amazingly detailed snapshots of the Ellwood City in 1894, they were donated ...”
Purchasing That New Car in Ellwood
“For those that have purchased a new car recently, you know how much of a ...”
Newton Bros. Liquor Store
“       I have gotten a number of pictures from Betty Fontana and others that feature ...”
Civil War Reenactment
“ During Wampum’s 200th Anniversary Celebration, the smell of black powder and musket rifle fire ...”
SPC Leslie H. Sabo
“     On May 10, 1970, SPC Sabo and his platoon were ambushed by North Vietnamese ...”
Vietnam War Memorial
“ CPL. Joseph A. Listorti Jr. CPL. David L. Brown CPL. Dennis R. Baker CPL. Larry E. Boyer PCF. ...”
Legion Memorial Park
“      The J. Wilbur Randolph Post of the American Legion was organized in the late ...”
1996 Ellwood City Area Veterans Honor Guard
“The members of the 1996 Ellwood City Area Veterans Honor Guard are shown here. In ...”
Selling Ellwood City as a Resort Town
“ Ellwood City Memories was recently shown a booklet published in 1891 as a tool ...”
Hazel Dell End of the Bridge 1920's
“ This picture is part of a collection once owned by Harry W. Horton, Assistant ...”
Manos Theater
“ It seems that when you talk about movie theaters in Ellwood City, almost everyone ...”
Ellwood Ambulance Service
“ The Ellwood Ambulance Service’s station was on the corner of Fourth Street and Crescent ...”
Pool Rooms
“Do you remember any of the many pool rooms that were once in Ellwood City? ...”
Slade’s Service Station
“    Slade’s Service Station was located on Route 288 across the road from the ...”
United States Secret Service Agent Baldelli
“ There have been at least ten Presidents of the United States to have come ...”
Traffic Jam in Ellwood
“ No this is not what Fountain Avenue looked like every day twenty minutes before ...”
More Pictures of The Big Snow
“ We have received a number of comments from those that remember the big snow ...”
Paving Line Avenue
“One of the things I like to do when I get old scenic pictures is ...”
701 Line Avenue
“{singlepic id=937 w=400 h=320 float=center]     One of the houses with the greatest curb ...”
The BIG Snow of 1950
“ Every time it snows, we hear stories of the BIG snow of 1950. It ...”
Shelby Social Club
“ In 1917, the National Tube Company (a subsidiary of United States Steel Corporation) opened ...”
1960's Ballfield Prices
“Thank you to Chuck Maggi who took the time to share this great picture of ...”
“Grasshopper” Meeting with Mr. Chapman
“A lot of very nice people have shared their memories with me either by phone, ...”
Blatt Building
“     As Ellwood City evolves, a little bit of our past gets erased each ...”
600 Block Lawrence Avenue 1946
“ This picture of Lawrence Avenue once belonged to James Sneed of Wiley Hill. It ...”
1906 Lawrence Avenue
“ This picture is from a post card mailed later part of 1906 before Doctor ...”
1976 Lawrence Avenue
“ I enjoy these old random pictures taken of Lawrence Avenue; especially pictures similar to ...”
Lawrence Avenue 1968
“This picture taken in 1968 is of the commonly known intersection of Fifth Street and ...”
Lawrence Service Station
“     The Lawrence Service Station was owned and operated by Merit Haberman when ...”
Where to get Pizza in Ellwood
“    Did you know the Elwood City area used to have a pizza shop? ...”
1954 First Holy Communion
“Thank you to Chuck Maggi who took the time to share this great picture from ...”
Wampum High School Basketball
“ I wanted to post a story about what is perhaps the greatest sports franchise in ...”
Northside Business District
“Back when you had to drive around that island at the end of the Fifth ...”
The Hires Bottling Company
“      The Hazel Club Beverage Company on Wampum Avenue was not the only bottling ...”
Hall of Famer Hack Wilson
“ Perhaps one of the most enduring records in all of baseball belongs to Ellwood ...”
The Henry W. Hartman home
“ The enormous stone house at 329 Fourth Street was built in 1893 for Ellwood ...”
Tube Mill Main Gate
“ Driving up Spring Avenue to the intersection on First Street you see one of ...”
Tube Mill Office Building
“ I am sure many of you remember the former Tube Mill office building on ...”
Spoa’s Market
“Costa Spoa came to Ellwood City to join his brother Ernest who was partners with ...”
Dambach Building
“ As Ellwood City grew and the town was laid out, Lawrence Avenue became the ...”
Costa H. Spoa
“Mr. Spoa had been in the grocery business in Ellwood City as long ago as ...”
Corner of Franklin and Fourth
“     Randolph house that formerly stood at the corner of Fourth Street and ...”
City Hotel
“The City Hotel was located in the middle of the 600 block of Lawrence Avenue ...”
Beaver Avenue
“I would like to thank Verne for sharing this old Ellwood City Ledger photograph of ...”
Tritt’s Dairy
“I do not know if it is because of Louise Carroll’s articles in the Ledger ...”
Ray’s Toy Town
“ When I was shown this picture of the building being torn down, I was ...”
Triangle News
“ We have heard from a number of people that remember the small news stand ...”
Ellwood City Airport
“During the summer of 1928, the Ellwood City Airport was acquired by the Ellwood City ...”
Loccisano’s Golden Dawn
“ Loccisano’s Golden Dawn first started in 1916 in Burnstown, Pennsylvania where Nick and Bettina ...”
G.C. Murphy’s
“ Horace O. Abbaticchio opened the first 5 & 10 store in Ellwood called Abbey’s ...”
Memories of the 57 Derby
“The year 1957 was a year of firsts. The Russians put up the first satellite. ...”
1953 Knee Hi & Little League Championships
“In the 1953 Knee Hi League, the Eagles were THE team to beat as they ...”
Country Squire Inn
“ If the Country Squire Inn does not look familiar to you, perhaps you might ...”
637 Crescent Avenue
“     The large Victorian style house on the corner of Crescent Avenue and ...”
Hotel Lawrence
“ From the time it opened in the early summer of 1891 until W.G. Clark ...”
“The Boltbusters were a Semi-Professional football team in Ellwood City. The team was founded in ...”
200 Division Ave
“      I was always curious about the corner house at 200 Division Avenue. ...”
131 Fountain Avenue
“     The house located at 131 Fountain Avenue was built by Joseph McCandless in 1901 ...”
622 Wayne Avenue
“     The house located at 622 Wayne Avenue was the first brick house ...”
Hotel Oliver
“     Hotel Oliver, located on the grounds of Lincoln High School, was the first major ...”
Greatest Basketball Player
“ I recently attended an engagement where the speaker spoke on Ellwood City Area Athletics. ...”
Denny’s team
“Denny Schill is known for many things during his tenure as the executive secretary of ...”
Albino Building
“We have gotten a lot of comments and emails about the business district of Hazel ...”
1906 Shelby Tube Mill Football Team
“ 1. George Buck, 2. Logan Benninghoff, 3. Billy Williams, 4. Bion E. Leech, 5. ...”
1985 Tornado
“    Friday May 31st 1985 was the day the tornado came through the area and ...”
Ellwood City And Baseball
“We can not talk about the history and memories of Ellwood City without mentioning baseball. ...”
The Gulf Station on Fourth Street
“    We would like to thank Rob Wilson for sending us these great pictures of ...”
“    Freeman’s on Lawrence Avenue and Ninth Street has been mentioned a couple of times ...”
Northside Business District
“Back when you had to drive around that "island" at the end of the Fifth Street ...”
Baltimore & Ohio Freight Station
“The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was one of the oldest railroads in the United States ...”
National Tube Employees that Coached Baseball
“In 1953, the US Steel national newsletter, US Steel News, honored the men in Ellwood ...”
Pinkey James Gulf Station
“At the corner of North Street and Line Avenue was Pinkey James Gulf Station. The ...”
Jayhawk Restaurant
“Since starting the website in 2008 the three most requested topics that I have not ...”
North Star Two-Room Schoolhouse
“After living on Lawrence Avenue in Ellwood City for a short time in 1944, Harvey ...”
National Plumbing fire of ’59
“    The National Plumbing fire on top of the hill was a very memorable fire. ...”
North Side Market
“Another one of the few remaining buildings in the often discussed Hazel Dell Business District ...”
North Star School
“    In 1925, Franklin Township built an eight-room, two-story red brick building to replace the ...”
European Bakery
“      Many people have shared their memories of the special bread they used to get ...”
Hazel Club Beverage Co.
“      The Hazel Club Beverage Company was located along Wampum Avenue heading towards Chewton. We ...”
City of Champions
“   The City of Champions, Wampum Pennsylvania. In 1963, a banquet was held to honor ...”
Festival Bike Races
“       A light rain marked the beginning of the bicycle races in Ewing Park as ...”
First Arts, Crafts, and Food Festival
“      The first annual Ellwood City Arts, Crafts, and Food Festival was a two day ...”
Everyone loves a parade.
“Everyone loves a parade. There are many reasons people go to the Ellwood City parades; ...”
1957 Christmas Parade
“     I would like to thank Carole Wimer Starz who took the time to scan ...”
Ice Skating in Northside
“If you have ever been one of the unfortunate ones to hear me speak about ...”
Little League Teams
“Many different social organizations and business in the Ellwood City Area have sponsored baseball and ...”
Glenn Park
“Glen Park was one of the big selling points when convincing people to relocate to ...”
Ellwood City Firefighters
“     You can’t tell by all of the trucks, but this trailer fire on South ...”
Early Boxing Legends
“     Ellwood City has had some great fighters but only the men of the first ...”
Bill Spellman
“    In his eighteen year coaching span here, the ledgendary coach Bill Spellman turned Ellwood ...”
DeLoia’s Dairy Isle
“    The DeLoia family owned DeLoia’s Market in the West End of town. Originally the ...”
1961 Championship Team
“Thank you to Mr. Ernie Young for submitting this picture of the Ellwood City’s 1961 ...”
1952 Steel Workers
“Thank you to Chuck Maggi who took the time to share this great picture of ...”
1913 Ball Club
“    This picture was sent to us as a question. The owner was not sure ...”
Baseball Field In Ewing Park
“    Paul Weingartner owns this original picture from 1951 taken from the location of Paul’s ...”
The Gun from the Shootout
“A thank you goes out to Ernie Young for sharing this picture from the Ellwood ...”
The Shootout
“In the years I have had this website I have compiled little tid-bits of the ...”
B.V.M. School
“     The Holy Redeemer School formerly known as Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary School ...”
Class of 1964 Reunion
“The Lincoln High School class of 1964 is planning its 50th class reunion. Yes it ...”
More Fallout Shelters
“       Awhile back we at Ellwood City Memories asked if anyone knew where the old ...”
Fallout Shelters in Ellwood City
“During World War II and on through the Cold War, Ellwood City was ready in ...”
Ellwood City All American Soap Box Derby
“The annual Soap Box Derby was a big event in Ellwood City. The day usually ...”
“Buzz” Guy Jr.
“Melwood Norman “Buzz” Guy, Jr. (born March 20, 1936 in New Castle, Pennsylvania) is a ...”
Mel Guy’s Service Stations
“    These photos were originally believed to be pictures of Mel Guy’s service stations in ...”
Dairy Queen
“     I have mentioned Nick’s in Ewing Park many times but many people have also ...”
The Majestic Theater
“     When you talk about Ellwood City, one topic that almost always comes up is ...”
The Noodle Factory
“The house at 414 Division Avenue doesn’t look to peculiar from the street except that ...”
The Masons
“     We need your help. We can list the history of the Masons in Ellwood ...”
The Men of Aetna Standard
“   The Aetna Standard had an in-house photographer, George Gobrich, which took both of these ...”
The Moose
“  According to the Ellwood City Moose Lodge #93 website, the Ellwood City Loyal Order ...”
500 Franklin Avenue
“      During the early part of the 1920's Mr. Pirzappia came to America in pursuit ...”
9 Pittsburgh Circle
“    Richard T. Brown, one of Mr. Ralph C. Stiefel’s closest associates in the tubing ...”
18 Fifth Street
“The house at 18 Fifth Street was built in 1891 for James J. Meneize, a ...”
10 Pittsburgh Circle
“     The deceivingly large house located at 10 Pittsburgh Circle was the home of Jonathan ...”
59 Pittsburgh Circle
“ The house at 59 Pittsburgh Circle was built in 1919 by L.J. Anderson. The ...”
26 Pittsburgh Circle
“     The house at 26 Pittsburgh Circle was built in 1902 and David Cartwright purchased ...”
Before the Plaza
“       This is what a section of a corner at the Mercer Road and the ...”
Circus Comes to Ellwood
“       We have heard from a couple of people that remember when the circus came ...”
Chewton Dairy
“      The Chewton Dairy was established in 1930 and was owned  and operated by Keith ...”
Building the New Highway
“  This picture was taken during the construction of the bridges across the Connoquenessing Creek ...”
Rocco’s Corner Store
“We have driven past the building on the corner of Fifth Street and Hillside Avenue ...”
Runyan Service Station at 323 Franklin Avenue
“    The Corner House at 323 Franklin Avenue once belonged to James Runyan, who bought ...”
320 Spring Avenue
“The large stone house that stands proudly on the corner of Spring Avenue & Pittsburgh ...”
The French House - 319 Fourth Street
“The house at 319 Fourth Street was built in 1925 for Charles and Emma French. ...”
308 Spring Avenue
“The house sitting at 308 Spring Avenue was built in 1902 for the Mulcahys when ...”
304 Fountain Avenue
“     The large bleached brick home across from the Circle playground at 304 Fountain Avenue ...”
Kimmels Bakery at 302 Franklin Avenue
“The building that today houses Kimmels Bakery on Franklin Avenue was originally a grocery store ...”
John Offutt Residence - 301 Glenn Avenue
“The house at 301 Glen Avenue is still known today as the John Offutt residence. ...”
301 Fountain Avenue
“The enormous house at 301 Fountain Avenue was not quite as large as the Stiefel ...”
300 Spring Avenue
“The large brick house at 300 Spring Avenue is referred to as the Magee Household ...”
Circle Schoolhouse - Shuffle Shop
“Ellwood City has had many different schools beginning with the “Old Brick School House” built ...”
1957 Soap Box Derby
“        It took a couple of tries but Duane Weingartner, 13, was crowned Ellwood City’s ...”
1951 Little League Champions
“     Over fifty years later, we remember the 1951 Ellwood City Moose Lodge Little League ...”
Turner’s Barber Shop
“In 1908 fifteen year old Carmine Troino left San Georgio, Italy with his older brother ...”
Ewing Park Nature Trail
“The Ewing Park Nature Trail starts in the parking lot between the tennis courts and ...”
The Sons of Italy
“    There is but a handful of people that live in Ellwood City that have never ...”
Church Softball League
“               Once upon a time, a good number of churches in Ellwood City had ...”
Lawrence Avenue and Fourth Street
“It feels like only yesterday but the stretch of Lawrence Avenue between Fourth Street and ...”
Ewing Park
“The Shelby Steel Tube Company purchased a large lot of land in what is now ...”
G.Y. Fike Barber Shop
“          This picture is of the G.Y. Fike Barber Shop from approximately 1900. As ...”
Rock Point Park
“ ”
132 Dutch Ridge Road
“         The house was built in 1872 by Levi Ward as you can see from ...”
Remember the BIG Snow Storm
“      Does anybody remember the big snow storm of 2010? The first wave of ...”
Football field at the High School (Revised)
“For those that complain that the football field and track are too far away from ...”
“From Division Avenue there is a little orange brick building with white steel doors that ...”
Old Helling Homestead
“      My gratitude goes out to Jo Ann Oxsen who sent me a little bit of ...”
Lawrence Avenue and Sixth Street
“  Today, Lawrence Avenue is the main street through Ellwood City, but that was not always ...”
Fifth Street Under Snow
“This picture was taken November 1950 showing Fifth Street from the intersection with Fountain Avenue ...”
Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church
“ On the Fourth of July in 1916, an Italian mission from St. Agatha Roman ...”
Summit Avenue pre-1970
“     I posted a number of pictures that Bud Dimeo took of the National Plumbing fire ...”
The New Deal
“Our friend Ernie Young sent this picture to me and thought it was worthy of ...”
1958 Pony League Champions – Steelworkers
“    1958 Pony League Champions – Steelworkers Back Row (left to right): Manager Frank “Hooks” ...”
“Opening in the early part of the 1960's, Winky’s restaurant chain offered “fast food cheap”. ...”
Mysterious Girl Scouts
“    We received this picture with very little information, in fact no information. The owner ...”
The View From Summit
“This photograph was reprinted in the Ellwood City Ledger. The scene, believed to be around ...”
Margaret’s Restaurant
“        Margaret’s Restaurant was originally located in the building on the corner of Fifth Street ...”
Lawrence Avenue and Fifth Street
“    The downtown “market” district has had many different looks over the years and continues ...”
Ellwood City Country Club
“    Originally located on the present site of the borough of Ellport on the opposite ...”
Ewing Park School
“Construction for the school in what is now Ewing Park began in 1925 when the ...”
Ellwood City Tobacco Pickers
“I was once asked if I knew anything about the local teenage boys that would travel ...”
Elmwood Brick and Limestone Company
“I have been contacted by a couple of people that have found milk bottles buried ...”
300 Sims Street
“    Over the years, this building has housed many different business. Most recently it was the office ...”
First Little League Champions – Couple Years Later
“As a follow-up to the First Little League Champions post, the members of that team ...”
First Little League Champions
“The Little League Baseball league started in 1950 with six teams, but it was the ...”
Hotel Rockery – Park Hotel
“   The Hotel Rockery was built in 1895 by Mr. Hartman. The Hotel had perhaps ...”
Oliver Park
“    Hotel Oliver Grove was located directly behind Hotel Oliver on Crescent Avenue. The park ...”
BVM Pancake Breakfast
“    I had the privilege of working with Jimmy DeLoia and the man seemed to ...”
First Baptist Church
“The original First Baptist Church was opened its doors August 13, 1891 behind its current ...”
Under 12 Soccer League
“How many of you remember the under 12 soccer league? Teams in the league during ...”
Olympic Flame Comes to Ellwood
“     In October of 1990, members of the Track and Field Hall of Fame carried ...”
Saint Agatha School
“      I know we are going to get in trouble for this, but we are ...”
Ellwood City (Hazel Dell) Civil War Veterans
“These Civil War veterans gathered for a reunion in Ellwood City about 60 years after ...”
Aetna-Standard Newsletter
“       Bob Evans recently sent us a copy of the 1953 employee newsletter from the ...”
The Pittsburgh, Harmony, Butler, and New Castle Railway
“  The Pittsburgh, Harmony, Butler, and New Castle Railway (more commonly known as the Harmony Line), ...”
Margaret’s inside the Young Block
“The corner of 5th Street and Beaver Avenue (also known as the SS Young Block) ...”
Mayflower Lunch
“I recently received an email from Tammy Mazzant that had a number of old print ...”
Ellwood City Blue Angels
“I would really like to thank Jayne Bates for taking the time to send in ...”
Pictures from THE Shootout
“    Last April, Darrell Smialek submitted a comment concerning “The Shootout” and explained that he ...”
Ellwood City Meat Market
“      Colin Clarke owned and operated the Ellwood City Meat Market on Lawrence Avenue. Back ...”
2012 PIAA Class AA Champions
“When they say history repeats itself, they are not kidding. The Riverside Panthers boy’s baseball ...”
B. and O. Union Station
“    The New Union Station was built in 1912. The new building, built to be ...”
Picture of Just a Parking Lot?
“I had a friend email me this picture that looks like a Bud Dimeo photograph ...”
Ellport Roller Rink
“As a kid in Ellwood City, you always looked forward to the Tuesday night it ...”
Ellwood City Worldwide
“I was contacted by Gerry Maessen of  Herkenbosch in the Netherlands. The reason he contacted ...”
Sabo Medal of Honor Presentation
“If you were unable to watch the ceremony where the President of the United States ...”
Men’s Fast Pitch Softball League
“      During the 1950's the team to beat every year in the Men’s fast-pitch softball ...”
Ellwood City’s Five and Dime Store
“      The "five and ten" store originally featured merchandise priced at only five cents or ...”
Harry’s Texaco & 426 Spring Ave
“Do you remember the big house beside the gas station on the corner of Spring ...”
P&LE Freight Station
“Are you aware that the P&LE station is still standing in Ellwood City today?       According ...”
A.E. Conner’s
“There have been quite a few people sharing their memories of the stores that lined ...”
Yahn-Jones Hardware Company
“At the Ellwood City Area Historical Society’s 2012 Art & Crafts Festival tent, they were ...”
Free Movie Day
“In July of 1981 Andrea Dombeck, playground director in Ellwood City, made arrangements with the ...”
Class of 1963 Listings
“ECHS email list as of 02/21/2012 Patty Aiken Sparta Jane Alfera Lawson Cathy Allen Cox... Patricia Amalong Miller Dick Anderegg Donald ...”
1963 Class Reunion
“SOLID GOLD REUNION Lincoln High School Class of 1963 Announces Schedule For Its Milestone 50 Year ...”
1963 Class Reunion Planning
“The Lincoln High School class of 1963 is planning its 50th class reunion. Yes it ...”
Downtown Ellwood City, PA
“Shoe Stores, Flower shops, Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, Pool Halls, Candy Stores, Pet Shops, and ...”
President comes to Ellwood City
“At least ten Presidents of the United States have come through our little town. Not ...”
McGlincy Camera Shop
“In 1973 the Bud Dimeo took a picture for Ellwood City Ledger of the city ...”
Coaching Football in Ellwood City
“     Prior to 2010, only FOUR coaches in Ellwood City football history have posted career ...”
Older Posts and Comments
“Hello, I have some bad news, the database for Ellwood City Memories was "corrupted" and ...”
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