460 Glen Avenue

     The house that formally stood at 460 Glen Avenue has a very unique history. The two story bungalow style house was originally the woman’s restroom at Rock Point Park. After the park was closed, the house was moved to Glen Avenue by Charles Carlson in 1915 shortly before Ellwood City finished construction on the former Fifth Street Bridge. It was not odd that the building was moved as the park closed in 1912 and by the time they begun quarrying the area for large stones for bridge construction in 1922, all the buildings that were at the park were gone. They had already been moved, dismantled for material re-use, or burned in one of the five different fires reported during that ten year span. One of the fires reported in the Ellwood Citizen on April 22, 1915 reported that a fire of unknown origin destroyed the abandoned dancing pavilion and the Rock Point Inn.
460-glen-ave     The house escaped certain doom at Rock Point Park, but could not escape it forever as the house was torn down when the present Fifth Street Veterans Memorial Bridge was built.
We have uncovered attempts to have the house moved in the early 1990’s but we could not verify anywhere that the attempts were successful and the house was torn down. If you have any stories you would like to share about any of the families that lived in the house or of the house itself, please leave a comment below or email me your memories at info@ellwoodcitymemories.com

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