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One of our past “History’s Mysteries” involved Friday’s Dairy. Teressa Jones-Wojton had found an old Friday’s Dairy pint milk bottle in her new home town of Sterling, Virginia and was curious as to where the Dairy was once located in Ellwood City. Many people helped with this mystery and we are appreciative for all the help.

    Bob Baney helped point out that the actual farm was located on Friday Hill off of Route 65 across from Mount Hope Road, however the Dairy itself was in Ellwood City. Thanks to Kirk Zikeli, we discovered the actual Friday’s Dairy shop was located in the alley between Todd Avenue and First Avenue in the 700 block. The building is still standing and is used as a garage today. The sign at the top of the building has been painted over, but if you look at the right angle and you know what you are looking for, you can still make out the name under the new paint.
   Friday’s Dairy was owned and operated here in Ellwood City by Ted Evans. We have heard from a couple of people who recall the two Mr. Softy Ice Cream trucks that were kept at Friday’s Dairy. These were the old fashioned trucks that actually sold soft serve ice-cream cones from the back instead of $3.00 popsicles.
   Rich Kline grew up directly across First Avenue from Friday’s Dairy and recalled playing inside the building while watching Mr. Evans and other employees make their various products or clean up after production. He remembers how thorough they would scrub the place down with cleaner and then hose off the entire inside of the building which was filled with lots of stainless steel tanks, pipes, etc. He also shared with us “I (Kline) remember one intensely cold winter day when the snow was extremely bad and the city and schools pretty much shut down as the roads were impassible for two days. We merely shoveled a path across the street to the dairy to get milk and other goods.” That was not the only things he shared with us, as he also provided the Friday’s Dairy wrapping sheets from their “Creamery Butter” which somehow not only survived his childhood but a move away from home to college, and two household moves.fridays-dairy-bottle
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    1. My dad was Ted Evans. He owned Friday’s dairy. Does the Historical Society have certain hours they are open. Would love to see the bottle.

  1. Dick Kline used to have a great Ham Radio shack in the basement of that house across from Fridays. I remember going there many times to see his radios. Wish he would get back on the air again so we could talk.
    Chuck Maggi
    N3CRM formerly K3SHS

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