Ellwood City Memories

    We at Ellwood City Memories felt that our little town has such a great past; it needs to be celebrated rather than only remembered by a select few. This web site is designed for people to share their memories of Ellwood City and the surrounding area. Perhaps that memory is a story you have heard thousands of times before or perhaps it is a memory that was forgotten until someone came across a picture here that brought back a flood of memories.

   I started this website in 2008 when my wife asked me what I was going to do with all the pictures of Ellwood City I began collecting. It started off as a fun little “experiment” almost to the point of showing off, but quickly became so much more. It is remarkable how much someone who lived here almost their entire life did not know about Ellwood City.

   Now before you dive in and the memories begin flooding back to you, I have to warn you. Almost all of the stories, comments, and memories are from normal everyday people who remember these events to the best of their ability. Please do not get into an argument over the details, these are memories. Please share your memories as you remember. Not only do we want you to share your memories, but please share your pictures as well. You can share your memories in the comments section or email me at info@ellwoodcitymemories.com Pictures can be emailed also or if you do not have a way of scanning the pictures I can meet you and scan the picture in and hand it right back to you.

Now enjoy…

If You Don't Share A Memory, No One Else Will Remember It